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Serving Greater Oklahoma City and surrounding areas
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Serving Greater Oklahoma City and surrounding areas
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In Home Care Is a Vital Part of Seniors' Plans to Safely and Successfully Age in Place at Home

Most seniors want to age in place successfully and safely in their homes. Advanced planning to accomplish this is vital - and not always easy or straight-forward. Emotions about the perceived loss of independence and purpose, and declines in overall health, cognition, and mobility, can be difficult to overcome. In-home care can provide the extra support to ensure the success of a well-prepared plan to safely age in place. In-home care is what we do at Senior Helpers of Greater Oklahoma City.

5 Ways to Successfully Prepare to Safely Age in Place with Senior Helpers of Greater Oklahoma City

  1. Evaluate Your Health: According to the National Institute on Aging, one of the best ways to successfully plan to safely age in place at home is to evaluate current health conditions. Evaluating the current health of a person preparing to age in place enables more accurate predictions about the future. Current health conditions often have progressive and predictable outcomes. They can also motivate lifestyle changes should prevention measures still be a possibility. Planning provides contingency plans based on the likelihood that certain circumstances will occur. For example, if medical supplies or specific in-home care needs are likely, they can be planned in advance. This leads to better health outcomes and improved safety when aging in place at home. 

  2. Reduce Mobility Challenges: Another step that can increase one's ability to successfully and safely age in place is reducing mobility challenges. This may mean installing a ramp, upgrading a bathroom, or moving a bedroom to a ground level. It is a good idea to plan early and enlist the help of family, friends, and professionals when necessary.

  3. Locate Resources: You'll most likely need help to successfully and safely age in place. Having a list of supportive resources including friends, family, physicians, therapists, and personal care workers, ensures those who age in place know who to call when special needs arise - particularly in an unexpected emergency.

  4. Consider All Scenarios: Plan for the unexpected. Any plan to successfully and safely age in place should include options for the occasional home caregiver up to 24-hour home care. Consistent senior care is essential when it is needed, so plan on needing it. If it's not needed, there's no harm done.

  5. Don't Wait: Planning now can give you and your loved ones peace of mind that if the unexpected happens, you have a plan in place to follow. It also improves your ability to safely and successfully age in place at home. A good plan with many options for varied in-home care minimizes stress when the unexpected happens and allows life to continue as normally as possible. 

Senior Helpers of Greater Oklahoma City is dedicated to providing superior in-home senior care services to Oklahoma City, Harrah, and McLoud, and the surrounding areas. We’re committed to helping seniors successfully age in place by providing them the support they might need to ensure quality of life. Contact us today to learn more at 405 608 4339.