Former NBA player works to promote diversity in New Hampshire
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Serving Southern New Hampshire Communities
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Former NBA player works to promote diversity in New Hampshire


At nearly 7 feet tall, Dwight Davis stands out in more than one way. In New Hampshire, the former NBA player is working to promote diversity.

The U.S. Census ranks the Granite State 48th in the nation for diversity, but Davis said things are changing.



"Believe it or not, the demographics have changed a great deal in 17 years. When I first came here, I rarely ever saw a person of color, Black, Hispanic or anything. And I felt very isolated, but over the years more people have migrated here,” Davis said.

As an NBA player, Davis's travels have taken him to places like Cleveland, Houston and the Bay Area. He said he didn't have to think about diversity much then.

"Oftentimes, I would let other people do some of the heavy lifting, but the difference was when I came to New Hampshire, I had to do more heavy lifting,” Davis said.

That heavy lifting includes working with the Black Heritage Trail, the Business Alliance for People of Color and his own business, Senior Helpers.

Davis said many people of color who move to New Hampshire often leave within a year, but he's confident that will change.

"Time is on our side. The great Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King said the moral arc of the universe is long but it bends towards justice. He didn't say it made a 90-degree turn toward justice and that's something I try to remember and share with people,” Davis said.

Davis wants people from all over to see what the Granite State has to offer.

“New Hampshire is a beautiful place. It really is a beautiful place. It's a place where you can have some peace of mind for yourself,” Davis said. “And I have a wonderful wife and she's from New Hampshire."