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Serving Southern New Hampshire Communities
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Serving Southern New Hampshire Communities
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Meet our Partners

At Senior Helpers we are focused on going beyond the delivery of our services alone. We focus on developing relationships with business and organizations that can enhance the full quality of life to our clients and their families. Here is a sampling of some of our partners:


Annie’s Angels

Dedicated to a mission of helping local families struggling financially through a life threatening disease, illness or disability connecting neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend and business to business in a caring fundraising network.

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Barefoot Medical Spa

We are a team of podiatrists and spa professionals whose first priority is your wellness. Our treatments elegantly combine medical care and beauty, and all of our instruments are sterilized between every use as they would be for surgery. Forget chemical odors and toxic polishes: freshness and luxury are our signatures. Every choice we make – our experienced nail therapists, exceptionally high standards of cleanliness, and welcoming environment – lets you sit back and relax. Offers in-home services exclusive to Senior Helpers clients.

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Memory Partners

We provide in-home Occupational Therapy focusing on evaluation, education, and instruction for people with memory changes and their care partners and family. “The more you understand the reasons for changes and have skills to adapt.....the better everyone will feel and function.”

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Oral Healthcare at Home

Oral Healthcare at Home, Inc. is a company committed to providing the highest quality preventive oral health care services to the homebound community living in southern New Hampshire. Our mission is to promote total health through the delivery of quality preventive oral health care for the homebound in a patient centered, compassionate and holistic manner. 

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Project Walk

The Boston franchise was opened by Jacqueline and Larry Arlen who first experienced Project Walk when their daughter, paralympian swimmer Victoria; spent a few months at the San Diego location. Victoria lives with Transverse Myelitis, a debilitating disease that causes injury to the spinal cord. When Jacqueline and Larry witnessed a change in Victoria; they felt moved to bring the experience to their hometown.

For more information on the Boston program contact us at:


The Voice Library

The Voice Library is a secure, private audio repository where words of comfort, encouragement and healing can be shared between family and friends. The Voice Library gives families going through a healthcare journey (or life!) the opportunity to connect with loved ones on an intimate, private and convenient way. The Voice Library is ideal for families of inpatients as well as those post-operative care or support groups. Senior Helpers support the “Legacy Gift Program” and the “Military Family Story Project” for Veterans and active military families.

For more information on TVL:


Victoria’s Victory Foundation

As an organization, we provide assistance for wheelchairs, mobility equipment, home adaptations, nursing services, training and recovery sessions, vehicle modifications and medical supplies. The Victory Scholarship program allows for those with mobility challenges and other special needs to have access to the resources they need to lead more independent lives. VVF isolation that can result from mobility challenges and special needs.  In addition to the financial support, Victoria’s Victory Foundation helps to connect peo0ple with work and volunteer opportunities that allow them to use their talent and skills.

For more information on Victoria’s Victory Foundation: