Caring for An Aging Loved One Who Lives Far Away
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Serving Roseville and the surrounding areas.
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Serving Roseville and the surrounding areas.
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Caring for An Aging Loved One Who Lives Far Away

Caring for An Aging Loved One Who Lives Far Away

Life can lead us in many directions and eventually you can find yourself living further away from your parents.  As they age, it can become difficult for your loved one to continue to live as they always have, and they may begin to need support with their daily activities. As professional caregivers at Senior Helpers of Roseville we want to share a few ways you can care for your senior loved ones that will make a huge difference in their lives.

Even if you moved away from the Arden Hills, Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, Little Canada, Maplewood, Minneapolis areas there are still many ways you can support your aging parents from miles away.   

  1. Keep in touch

The best way you can support your loved one from afar and make sure they are staying safe at home, is to regularly keep in touch. Daily phone calls are a great way to let your loved one know you are thinking of them, but it is also helpful to monitor their wellbeing and cognitive function. You may also want to video chat with them so you can assess their physical appearance to see if they are eating enough, bathing and taking care of their overall health.

  1. Get Some Help

You don't have to care for your aging loved ones by yourself. There are many options available so that they can continue to live their best lives in their own homes. Senior Helpers of Roseville offers customized care plans that with as much or as little help as you need. Respite care can be used for a few days when you need extra help. You may also have someone come in and check up on your loved ones for a few hours a day. Contact Us today to set up an in-home assessment!

  1. Have an Emergency Plan Ready 

Though you may not want to think about it, you should have an emergency plan ready in case you need to get to your loved one right away. Make sure that you have someone you trust available to look after your home or children should you need to leave quickly. It may also be a good idea to have an emergency bag packed just in case you have to leave in a hurry.

Learn More About Caring for Aging Loved Ones Who Live Far Away

If you need help so that your parent can continue to live in their Roseville home, don't hesitate to contact us today. We will be glad to talk to you about your options so that together we can figure out what is best for your loved one.