Senior Helpers Reviews In Roseville, Minnesota
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Serving Roseville and the surrounding areas.
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Serving Roseville and the surrounding areas.
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We are proud to have had the opportunity to care for and support seniors and families in the Roseville community and the surrounding areas. Hear what they have to say about the services that we have provided:

Lyle is a winner. He is a self-starter, hardworking, efficient, and most of all, friendly, kind and attentive. Thank you! ~Connie H. 

I thought Rick responded to his caregiver, Jaleesa, very well. He was very happy on Saturday. She had him out in the community, playing bat the water balloons, playing hangman, etc. She is a great addition to our team. ~Lisa L. 

Thank you for getting a caregiver for my mom last minute yesterday. Katherine was very sweet, and we really appreciated her help. They had an awesome day! ~Terry S.

We appreciate our caregiver, Stacy. It was so nice to come home to the centerpiece of our supper just waiting for us. Thank you for being patient with Tom and always making me smile! ~Gerry V.

Larry and Jean really enjoyed your company. Thank you for doing a great job with my parents, Kenyatta! Congratulations! ~Dawn A. 

I really like my caregiver, Tiffany. She is very good, and we always have a great time! ~Judy 

We are very pleased with our new caregiver, Stacy. Senior Helpers has made a big difference in our lives. Thank you! ~Gerry 

Katherine, our caregiver, is wonderful with my mom. It is so helpful to have another person there to help transport mom. Thank you, Senior Helpers! ~ Barb S.

Senior Helpers staff, Paul, Megan, Sandra, and all the Senior Helpers caregivers (past and present), are all wonderful people to work with in caring for our 91-year-old mom. My siblings and I are very appreciative of your services including everyone's willingness to work with us when changes come up. Seniors Helpers gets a million gold stars from me and my family! ~J.G. 

We added another shift with Senior Helpers at the suggestion of Greg S, an employee through the Veterans’ Association from which Senior Helpers referred us to. As a spouse of a veteran (living or dead) during the US involved war, mom is close to getting $1,318 per month from them, thanks to you and your organization. Plus, I have extra hours per week to do my own thing while not worrying about mom! ~ Jean G. 

I wanted to share that mom was SO happy with how our caregiver, Kenyatta, remembered how she likes things folded and put everything away in the correct spots. She was so grateful and relaxed! It was a pleasure to hear. Mom felt like her Kenyatta listened to her, and she realized how important that was to her. ~Sandra P.

Paul started the company in late 2021. He came recommended by other home care colleagues, which is a huge compliment with being so new. Paul has helped out a couple of my home clients and he is professional, compassionate, and committed to helping people. ~Heather B.

Everyone is very helpful; we get suggestions and new ideas, and mom now looks forward to her caregiver, Nimo’s, visits. Nimo does things with mom that I wouldn’t have thought of. ~Jean G.

We are very pleased with our caregiver, Tyler, and feel fortunate to have time. He is a self-starter and does not need supervision. He has a list of chores and just gets to them when he comes. ~Ann H.

Having Senior Helpers be a part of the team to take care of my father-in-law has been such a blessing. They treat him with respect and friendship. Thank you, Senior Helpers! ~Kathy R.