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Serving Raynham and surrounding areas.
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Serving Raynham and surrounding areas.
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LIFE Profile

When planning for care for a loved one, it can often be difficult, stressful and confusing to understand the type of care that’s truly needed. Establishing when, where and who will be providing care can be equally challenging. It doesn’t have to be.

Senior Helpers® now makes it easier for families to truly understand the care needs of their loved ones with our exclusive Senior Helpers LIFE ProfileTM (Life, Independence, Function, Evaluation).  LIFE Profile is a data-driven assessment tool that provides a holistic view of the risks and factors that influence a loved one’s ability to age in their own home.  

LIFE Profile

LIFE Profile

Based on more than 15 years of research, the Senior Helpers LIFE Profile has been designed to:

  • Improve overall quality of life
  • Reduce hospitalization risk
  • Support successful aging at home

The Senior Helpers LIFE Profile is a comprehensive assessment that reviews the five key factors that are most important for successful aging:

  • Safety
  • Independence
  • Medical Condition Management
  • Burden of Care
  • Quality of Life

LIFE Profile helps to answer the following questions:

  • What activities can my loved one reliably do on their own?
  • Where and when is assistance needed?
  • What are the critical things I need to know to help keep my loved one safe at home?

Senior Helpers SmartCare PLAN

Senior Helpers SmartCare PLAN

Senior Helpers uses the data and information gathered through the LIFE Profile to create a customized Senior Helpers SmartCare Plan.  This is an actionable and measurable plan of care that is specifically tailored to your loved one’s needs. It will help you to schedule, manage and direct care activities for your loved one based on his or specific needs. It is also used to provide direction to our caregivers and to measure your loved one’s progress so care provided can be adjusted as necessary.

Senior Helpers is the only home care agency working together with your family and this powerful combination of tools to precisely identify the care needed and how it should be provided to improve quality of life and age successfully at home.