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Serving Danvers and surrounding areas.
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Mind and Memory Hacks for Seniors

Mind and Memory Hacks for Seniors

Each year brings with it changes. These could be life changes such as moving or a new addition to the family. We may also experience changes with our bodies. For instance, physically we may not be able to run as fast, lift as much, or bend the way we once did. The same is true for our brains as well. We may find that our cognitive abilities are not as sharp as we once were. This is completely natural as time passes. Continually exercising your brain is important in preventing and delaying decreased cognitive function

Engaging in brain exercises can help to improve your memory, increase your ability to concentrate and focus, and make everyday tasks much easier. Let's take a look at six stimulating, yet fun activities that will help boost your cognitive function.

Music Soothes the Soul

Listening to your favorite music is calming, soothing, and can easily turn a really bad day around. Music is also known to boost your creative thinking abilities and increase your critical thinking skills. 

Take Up Dancing

Dancing requires you to learn and retain new dance moves. Engaging in this fun activity can increase the rate at which your brain processes information and sharpen your memory. 

Put Puzzles Together

When putting a puzzle together you must be able to figure out where the different pieces fit and understand how the puzzle should look when finished. The need for multiple cognitive abilities makes this an excellent way to exercise your brain and sharpen your skills.

Playing Cards

Playing card games such as solitaire, rummy, gin, and so forth improve the function of many areas of the brain. This type of brain exercise is most notably known for improving memory and critical thinking skills because you always have to be at least one step ahead of the house and other players in order to be successful. 

Teach Someone Else

When you have a certain skill or know how to do something, for instance, play the piano, you can do it from muscle memory. You do not have to think about it much if at all. However, if you teach someone a skill, then you have to be able to explain the concept and each step in the process in order for your student to be successful. Teaching someone a new skill is one of the best ways to expand your cognitive abilities and keep your mind sharp.

Daily Meditation

Engaging in meditation at least once a day is well-known for its physical benefits such as relieving anxiety, and helping you to release the stresses of the day. Allowing your body and brain to rest will also help to improve your overall memory and increase the ability of your brain to process information. 

Get the In-Home Help You Need

These six tips are great exercises in keeping your mind and memory sharp. If you find that you or a loved one may need more assistance, we are here to offer a helping hand.

Senior Helpers has been proudly serving the North Boston area for over 10 years. We are dedicated and passionate about providing the highest quality in-home care to seniors in our community. Our home care services are custom-tailored to our clients' needs and range from companion care to in-depth specialized care for seniors who live with chronic disorders such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Contact us today to schedule an in-home assessment.