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Serving Danvers and surrounding areas.
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5 Tips for Balancing Senior Care With Working From Home

5 Tips for Balancing Senior Care With Working From Home

As the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 crisis, remote working has become the new norm. As such, you may be faced with additional responsibilities at home. For example, you must balance work with childcare and senior care, which can be overwhelming. However, finding a work-life balance can help you navigate these times more successfully. As you develop a strategy for balancing senior care with other responsibilities, consider these five tips: 

1. Establish a Routine For Balancing Senior Care and Work

A routine helps you to know what you should do throughout the day. Working with a predetermined schedule can help. Consider a schedule for when your loved one wakes up, eats, exercises, takes medication, and performs other activities of daily living (ADL). 

By doing so, you can set aside time for work, depending on how you have scheduled the day. More importantly, you’d be less likely to miss an important activity, such as a doctor’s appointment. 

2. Create Boundaries 

Primarily, you’ll need time to complete your professional tasks. At the same time, you want to make sure that your loved one is taken care of. This can create a conflict, as older adults need help to do simple tasks such as using the toilet. 

To navigate this state of affairs successfully, you’ll need to create the necessary boundaries. Talk to your loved ones, and let them know when they can interrupt and when they shouldn’t. 

For example, let them know they can speak to you when they need help with something they can’t manage independently. This will allow you time to do your job without unnecessary interruptions. 

3. Create a Workspace

Having a work area gives you a quiet place to do your office work. Although having a separate room is ideal, setting your desk at a corner can be equally effective. 

With a dedicated workspace, you’ll have less distractions and be more productive. You only need to check on your loved ones in between tasks to make sure they are faring well. 

4. Explain to Your Boss            

No doubt, there are times when your office schedule will conflict with your responsibilities toward your family. This may take a toll on your progress as far as work is concerned. 

Sometimes, it will be a challenge to keep deadlines. If so, talk to your supervisors and let them know you are juggling work with additional domestic responsibilities. They may make some allowances so that you can maintain your productivity levels.

5. Ask for Help Balancing Senior Care and Other Aspects of Your Life 

If you feel overwhelmed, remember that you are not alone. Ask for help to relieve the pressure that comes from working round-the-clock. Approach other family members to see what they can do to lend a hand. 

Alternatively, you can seek home care assistance or hire a home care provider. This can free up some time for you to meet your work and domestic needs.

Certainly, the wellbeing of your loved ones comes first. Therefore, taking the necessary measures to guarantee their safety is imperative. These tips can get you started as you try to make your life easier. 

Senior Helpers Boston North can offer 24-hour senior home care to ensure that the needs of your loved ones are well taken care of. Contact us for round-the-clock care within North Boston and the surrounding region.