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Serving Fort Wayne and surrounding areas.
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Serving Fort Wayne and surrounding areas.
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Parkinson's Care

Caring for a loved one with Parkinson’s disease can be a challenge, whether they’ve recently been diagnosed or they’ve been living with this progressive illness for some time. Parkinson’s presents some unique hurdles for caregivers- something we at Senior Helpers of Fort Wayne know a great deal about. Not only is a strong support network critical for your wellbeing, but also it’s important to understand and implement the specialized care tools for Parkinson’s patients. With the right approach and caregiving support, you can help your family member or loved one maintain or improve their quality of life. When you hire us for Fort Wayne Parkinson’s support services, our staff of expert caregivers will work alongside your medical team and your family in Leo, Cedarville, Huntertown, and surrounding communities. Through our comprehensive approach to care, your loved one can live as comfortably and independently as possible.

Expertly Trained in Parkinson's Disease Care

Senior Helpers is proud to offer a specialized Parkinson’s disease care program, created in collaboration with professionals at the Parkinson’s Foundation Centers of Excellence Network. Our Parkinson’s support services are the first of their kind in our industry, with highly valuable education and training for our in-home senior care staff. This training allows us to create customized plans for our clients who need Fort Wayne Parkinson’s care services across Leo, Cedarville, Huntertown, and surrounding areas.

Because this is a progressive disease, care plans must be adaptable and personalized to meet the changing needs of Parkinson’s patients. Light in-home care with errands or housework may evolve to include more continual personal care with things like hygiene, mobility, meals, and other daily activities. All of us at Senior Helpers of Fort Wayne understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to Parkinson’s care, and you can count on us to continually assess and change plans to best support your loved one.

Through Senior Helpers' special disease education, our expert caregivers are trained on:

  • The progression of Parkinson’s disease
  • Diet and nutritional support
  • Fall prevention and home safety measures
  • Techniques to identify and manage both motor and non-motor Parkinson’s symptoms
  • Exercises to maintain strength, mobility, and balance
  • Techniques to assess changes in posture and facial expression, and offer adjustments for better coordination
  • Medication management
Parkinson's Care Video

Parkinson's Care Video

Parkinson’s disease affects each person and family in a different way. Senior Helpers’ FREE video can assist you in your efforts to help a family member with Parkinson’s Disease. Request your FREE, informative video today.

View or Download the Parkinson’s Care Video

Caregiving Tool for Parkinson's Disease

Caregiving Tool for Parkinson's Disease

Senior Helpers’ FREE Strategies for Care Wheel helps families to understand the motor and non-motor symptoms that can accompany Parkinson's  disease, as well as simple recommendations that can help make daily living easier. Request your FREE wheel today.

Please Send Me My Strategies for Care Wheel

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our specialized Fort Wayne Parkinson’s care services for seniors. We help people with Parkinson’s and their families in Fort Wayne Kendallville, Avilla, Churubusco, Albion, Garret, Auburn, New Haven, Leo, Cedarville, and Huntertown.