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Serving Fort Wayne and surrounding areas.
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Serving Fort Wayne and surrounding areas.
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Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

The symptoms and progression of dementia can be difficult to handle, not only emotionally, but in a care context as well. Dementia is an umbrella term to describe a group of symptoms relating to cognitive impairment and memory loss, often seen in diseases like Alzheimer’s. Once these impairments become serious enough to interfere with your loved one’s daily life, it’s time to seek professional assistance. Senior Helpers is a renowned leader in senior care, offering specialized Fort Wayne Alzheimer’s care programs for seniors in Leo, Cedarville, Huntertown, and surrounding communities.

Our care team will work closely with you, your family, and your loved one’s medical team, to create a custom plan for them to stay as safe and healthy as possible. This is particularly important as the disease progresses, as you may find yourself needing more assistance over time. Thankfully, our Fort Wayne Alzheimer’s care professionals are trained to help those suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia across Leo, Cedarville, and Huntertown. Through our innovative Senior Gems® program, we help your loved one focus on what they can do - not on what they can’t - supporting their best mental, emotional, and physical health.

Senior Gems®

Senior Gems®

Senior Gems®: Helping Caregivers Assess and Provide Care for Seniors with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Created by us at Senior Helpers, the Senior Gems® program honors the unique personality of each dementia patient, finding the most effective care strategies for them as their disease progresses.

By taking a positive and informed approach, our Fort Wayne Alzheimer’s care team can help your loved one live with dignity and purpose in the comfort of their home. This program is based on the specialized care pioneered by Teepa Snow, Positive Approach, LLC. Using the Gems classification system, which takes into account each stage and symptom of this disease, we can meet the ever-changing needs of your loved one.

The Gems classification system allows trained Senior Helpers caregivers to:

  • Identify the characteristics of different stages of dementia
  • Understand what a person can still do based on a gem level
  • Use specific strategies based on gem level to care for our seniors.
  • Create the best plan for caring for the individual long term.

Senior Gems® Video

Request our free, informative video, Your Guide to Supporting Family Members with Dementia, that can assist you in your efforts to help your family member with dementia.

View or Download the Gems® Video

Senior Gems® Video
Senior Gems® Strategy for Care Wheel

Senior Gems® Strategy for Care Wheel

If your loved one is showing signs of dementia, you can both benefit from the concepts and the tips that the Senior Gems® provides.

The Senior Gems Strategy for Care Wheel is a wonderful tool that provides an introductory overview of the Senior Gems® classification system, along with some strategies for caregivers and family members to use as they are caring for someone with brain change.

Order the Strategy for Care Wheel

Why Senior Gems®?

The Senior Gems® helps families and caregivers prepare and care for those loved ones who are living with dementia. If your loved one is showing signs of dementia, you can benefit from the concepts and the tips that the Senior Gems® provides.

How Senior Helpers Uses Senior Gems®

Senior Helpers works closely with renowned dementia care specialist, Teepa Snow, OTR/L, of Positive Approach, LLC to create and prepare comprehensive training programs for Senior Helpers caregivers throughout the country. This ensures each senior receives the right kind of care for their unique situation.

Senior Gems® is a wonderful tool for the families and caregivers of those showing signs of dementia. Our comprehensive training programs equip our team to handle each unique case individually, giving your aging parent or loved one the best care possible with expert Fort Wayne dementia support services available in Leo, Cedarville, Huntertown, and surrounding communities. These care plans include activities that:

  • Create social opportunities
  • Stimulate the brain
  • Boost engagement in daily life
  • Explore therapeutic reminiscing
  • Enhance psychological well-being

Senior Helpers of Fort Wayne is here to help you and your family by providing world-class Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Reach out to us today to learn more about our Senior Gems® program and our personalized care services.

We provide Fort Wayne Alzheimer’s and dementia support in Kendallville, Avilla, Churubusco, Albion, Garret, Auburn, New Haven, Leo, Cedarville, and Huntertown.