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Serving Evansville and surrounding areas.
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Serving Evansville and surrounding areas.
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End of Life Support Care

Watching a loved one approach the end stages of life is undoubtedly difficult. One way to make the transition less stressful is to hire our Evansville end of life caregivers. We can help manage your loved one’s discomfort and provide the highest quality of life possible during their final life experiences.

Even with assistance, providing end of life support is emotionally and physically difficult. Rest assured that Senior Helpers Evansville’s end of life caregivers are professionally trained to provide compassion and uphold dignity during this trying time.

Should you decide to bring in a Senior Helpers’ caregiver in Evansville for in-home hospice care, we’ll begin the process by learning as much as we can about the current situation and what is expected as your loved one transitions.

It’s important to know that we don’t provide the same support and services like hospice care. We do work directly with any other medical care providers to ensure your loved one in Newburgh, Boonville, or surrounding areas, is cared for in an in-home hospice environment and is as comfortable as possible.

We also offer emotional support to family members for those moments where it all seems to be too much. We want to serve as a helping hand while offering your loved one and your family support as you spend your final moments together.

End of Life Support Care includes:

  • Minimizing discomfort through approved methods
  • Assisting with personal care, including dressing, bathing, and grooming
  • Providing assistance and respite to family caregivers as desired
  • Tackling meal prep, light housekeeping, and errands
  • Serving as a companion to the client and their family, helping alleviate loneliness and anxiety

If you’re finding yourself in the difficult end of life stages with a loved one, please reach out to learn more about how our Evansville end of life care services can help you manage and cope during this trying time.

Our team is here to help with Evansville end of life care services for those in need in Newburgh, Boonville, Chandler, and Mt. Vernon.