How to Find Local Friend Groups and Meetups With Shared Hobbies for Summer Activities
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Serving Greater Chicagoland and surrounding areas.
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How to Find Local Friend Groups and Meetups With Shared Hobbies for Summer Activities

Finding people with similar interests and hobbies for summer activities is difficult at any age. As an older adult, this can be even more difficult due to limited transportation options and possible health issues. However, finding local friend groups and meetups with shared hobbies doesn't have to be hard. Knowing where to find them and creating a plan for attending can help older individuals create a busy social calendar. 

Join a Book Club

Reading is one of those lifelong loves that never goes out of style. Whether one enjoys reading books in paper form, reading on an electronic device, or listening to audio versions, a book can transform you across the world, to another galaxy, or back in time. Book clubs became extremely popular during the pandemic when individuals couldn't leave their homes. This meant that many book clubs had gone online while some have returned to in-person meetups again. Either way, finding people with similar reading interests and with whom you can talk about the latest book helps open the door to new friendships. Check out your local bookstore, coffee shop, library, or religious institution to see if they have an ongoing book club. If you love reading, join more than one and widen your circle of friends.

Enjoy Outdoor Summer Activities

Pickleball is the latest craze, and older adults are joining in the fun too. If pickleball is not the outdoor experience you were looking for, there are walking groups, nature walks, and group exercise classes, including yoga, tai chi, and meditation. Having a group that you know meets regularly provides a great opportunity to schedule summer activities with people you meet before or after the class/group meeting time. To help find these summer activities, check out your local community center or religious institution to see if they have meetup groups for these kinds of summer activities. If you live in a community where other older adults live, try getting in touch with management or HOA and let them know you are interested in starting a group. This can also help you meet your neighbors. 

Organize a Game Night

Everyone loves to play games like MahJong, Rummy Q, and Scrabble. Cards, Backgammon, and Chess, are also very popular games. The great part about playing games is that older adults can play almost anywhere, like a park, coffee shop, library, or recreation center, and in some cases, all that is needed is one, two, or three people to play. Whatever the interest, check out the local library or coffee shop for meetup groups. Since games don't require any previous knowledge, sometimes letting friends or family know that there is a game night in the works is all that is needed. Once a few people say they can make it, suggest a regular night to meet for game night.

Whatever the activity that you like to do, Senior Helpers is there to assist. Our Campion Care assistance can help older adults with all their interests and hobbies by getting them to the scheduled meetup times or by assisting them with aspects of the hobby that may be challenging. So get out there and return to the fun summer activities you enjoy.