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Serving Greater Chicagoland and surrounding areas.
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Easy Dinner Prep With HelloFresh Meal Delivery Kits

If you’ve been eating the same meals for a long time, HelloFresh meal delivery kits may be a refreshing change.

These days, seniors are eating more meals at home due to the COVID-19 crisis. This can make preparing meals more of a challenge for many Des Plaines residents who are aging in place.

Sure, some services like DoorDash or UberEats offer takeout from local restaurants. However, those third-party platforms often charge restaurant prices and high delivery fees. You’ll also need to tip the drivers. This can get quite expensive if you’re using these services every day but only have one or two people to feed.

Preparing wholesome and nutritious meals without a caregiver’s help can also be challenging. Many Des Plaines seniors want a simple, hassle-free way to make healthy meals for themselves.

If this sounds like you, we have a solution for you.

Enjoy a Tasty, Varied Diet With HelloFresh Meal Kits

HelloFresh offers subscription meal boxes to seniors on a budget. It provides hearty, healthy, and nourishing meals for every day of the week. 

The average HelloFresh meal costs much less than one from a restaurant. HelloFresh also has affordable prices and a sustainable business model.

Get A Two-For-One Bang For Your Buck 

To order, you must choose ingredients for two or four people. The good news is that, if you’re only preparing meals for yourself, you’ll be able to eat one portion of the meal and save the other for later. That means you’ll have leftovers. 


When you’re hungry, simply heat the leftovers and enjoy your favorite meal a second time. That's a two-for-one and greatly simplifies meal prep.

Let Your Caregiver Do All the "Grunt" Work

Another option, if you physically can’t prepare meals for yourself, is to have your caregiver prepare two or three meals for you. You can store them in single-portion containers either in your refrigerator or freezer. 

When you’re hungry and your caregiver isn’t present, just reheat the meal in the microwave!

If you choose this option, your caregiver can do all the prep work, dishwashing, cleaning, and apportioning of meals. Reheating meals is also convenient. It allows you to enjoy delicious food on any day of the week.

What Meals Will I Get?

You can personalize your meals for the week. For each meal plan, you’ll get 15-20+ delicious recipes every week. Choose from options like pescatarian, veggie, family-friendly, or calorie-smart. So, you never get bored with eating the same thing week after week!

Examples of meals that you may want to try are Chicken with Arugula Caprese Salad, Pork Katsu, Roasted Farro Veggie Bowls, Meatloaf a' la' Mom, Sun-dried Basil & Tomato Spaghetti, or Zucchini & Flatbreads. 

You pick the meals, and we deliver the meal kit right to your door! 

Is Anything Not Included in My Meal Kit?

The only things not included in HelloFresh meal delivery kits are basic kitchen staples like salt, pepper, oil, sugar, and butter. All other ingredients are pre-measured and included.

If you are a Des Plaines, Elmhurst, or Oak Brook resident looking to transform your mealtime routines and try something different, HelloFresh may just be the thing for you. 

It makes meal prep a breeze and allows you to try new, exciting recipes. Decide which ones are your favorites and enjoy delicious, exotic, and budget-friendly meals at home.