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Serving Greater Chicagoland and surrounding areas.
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Safety Tips Every Senior and Caregiver Should Know
Although many seniors prefer to live independently, they are involved in more than 2.3 million accidents in their homes each year. Approximately, 7,000 adults 65 and older die in such accidents annually.

“Falls are the number one safety risk for older adults,” says Director of Operations Mary O’Connor at the Senior Helpers Oak Brook Office. “Nearly one third of the senior population falls each year with 70 percent of falls occurring at home. It is extremely important to keep the interior and exterior of your home safe.”

Here are some home safety tips seniors and their families may want to know:

  • Remove all scatter rugs, repair frayed carpets, tape or tack down loose carpet edges.
  • Arrange furniture to allow adequate space for safe walking between rooms and within the room.
  • If a senior needs to use oxygen, do not smoke or use an open flame.
  • Do not overload circuits. It’s best to unplug appliances when not in use.
  • Clean up spills immediately to avoid falls.
  • Do not wear clothes with loose sleeves to prevent burns near the stove.
  • Other accidents can occur from poisoning yourself bytaking the wrong medicine. 

Common outdoor problems can cause seniors to injure themselves as well. For example,  inadequate railings or having no railings at all when going down outside steps is highly dangerous. Patios that have broken or have  loose stones or bricks can cause a senior to trip and fall.

If an outdoor light needs to be replaced, do not stand on a chair or stool. Carefully, use a step stool or ask a relative or handyman to change the bulb for you. 

When walking outdoors, pay attention to the traffic signals. In addition, don’t walk where there is no crosswalk. Many seniors have been injured or killed from vehicle accidents.

If you need to use a cane or walker when you are outdoors do so. Either one will help you keep your balance and slow down your walking.

Senior Helpers has qualified people who are able to help 24-hours a day, seven days a week if need be. The goal is to keep their clients safe and healthy as possible, including medicine reminders, walking assistance, personal hygiene assistance and diet monitoring.

If you are unsure what type of service to give your loved one, Senior Helpers can make suggestions and guide you. Senior Helpers always offers a Free Assessment for your loved one. Make an appointment today.

For more information, about Senior Helpers call: 630-359-5775 or email Mary O’Connor at: