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Serving West Pasco and surrounding areas.
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Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors to Prevent Fall

Falls and trips can have devastating impacts as we age. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that more than 25 percent of persons over 65 falls every year and sustain serious injuries that are likely to limit their mobility and independence.

The good news is that falls among seniors can be prevented by regular low-impact exercises that strengthen muscles and improve balance. Below are some exercises seniors can do at their homes in Wesley Chapel, Trinity, Tarpon Springs, and the Palm Harbor area to reduce the risks of fall-related injuries. They can pick a few depending on their specific needs and try them a few times weekly for the best results.

4 Low-Impact Exercises That Help With Balance and Fall Prevention

The first step in preventing falls among our senior loved ones is ensuring they stay safe while exercising. Stay close and be ready to support them in case they feel unsteady, and encourage them to take breaks if they feel wobbly or tired.

1. Chair-sit-to-stand exercise

Sit on a stable, sturdy chair with the feet flat on the ground. Scoot forward such that your buttocks rest on the front part of the chair. Lean the torso forward, squeeze the gluteal muscles, and stand tall in a stable position with feet about hip-length apart. Sit back slowly to the starting position-ensure they don't drop into the chair. Repeat the process about ten times, twice a day, for better results. If necessary, place the arms on the chair and push up to help you stand. However, the goal is to use leg muscles only throughout the exercise to boost balance and stamina.

2. Back leg raise

Hold on to a countertop or the back of a static, sturdy chair. Stand tall and raise one leg behind the body without bending the knee-keep the leg as straight as possible. Move the leg slowly, using the leg muscles rather than the momentum. Don't lean forward while raising the leg for effectiveness. Lower the leg slowly to the starting position before raising the other one. Perform at least 10 repetitions on each side.

3. Balance on one leg

Stand between two stable, sturdy chairs of equal height or in front of a counter. Hold their surfaces and raise one foot behind the body by bending the knee. Balance the body for about 10 seconds with one foot in the air. Put the foot down and stand in the starting position before using the other leg. Start with both hands on the support surface, then one hand, and finally, no hands-on support as you progress.

4. Perform toe to heel exercise

Stand tall in front of the stable countertop and hold it with both hands for support. Rise on your toes for a few seconds with the heels in the air. Lower the feet flat to assume the starting position. Then rock back on heels and lift toes in the air for a few seconds before retreating to the original posture. Perform the exercise at least 10 times (heels up + toes up =1 time).

While it is impossible to prevent falls completely, these exercises focus on enhancing balance to minimize the risks of falling. They are low-impact exercises, but with consistency, they can help our senior loved ones from Wesley Chapel, Trinity, and Tarpon Springs build the required strength to help them age in place.

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