Gift Ideas for Elderly Relatives Who Might Move to a Retirement Home Soon
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Serving Spring Hill and surrounding areas.
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5 Gift Ideas for Elderly Relatives Who Might Move to a Retirement Home Soon

When a loved one may be relocating to a retirement home, gift-giving must adapt to the situation. Gifts that help personalize new surroundings can help make the transition easier. Some things that would be ideal in one's own home might not be practical in a retirement community.

Here is a list of five ideal gifts for senior relatives who may be about to make the move to a retirement home, as well as which gift items probably won't work.  

1. Rubber-Soled Slippers

A pair of slippers with rubber soles are great for walking on slippery floors and hallways. At home, they can be worn both indoors and outdoors. Look for a pair made of comfortable fabric or leather that is easy to keep clean.

2. Low-Maintenance Houseplants

House plants that don't require much light or excessive watering are an easy way to decorate a room or apartment naturally. They also help to keep the air clean and fresh in areas where industrial cleaning products might be the norm. At home, a plant can help brighten up a kitchen, or it can be added to an existing collection.

3. Battery-Operated Candles

Candlelight always helps to warm up a space. Battery-operated candles offer a similar effect without the worry of an accident. They are also great to have around the house during power outages.

4. Essential Oil Diffuser

Scent can transform a space and accentuate an environment. Essential oils are used for their healing qualities and the ability to elevate the mood. An essential oil diffuser can help mask the smell of cleaning products and make the new living situation feel more like home.

5. Color-Changing Light Bulbs

With color-changing LED light bulbs, a room can take on a soothing blue tone, a rosy red glow, a soft green tint, or any number of other flattering hues. They can be used in any lamps and light fixtures with E26 sockets and can be set to continually change colors or remain stagnant on one. Control is by remote and/or voice.

What Not to Give

While the following items may seem like good gift ideas, they are probably less useful and not so welcome in a retirement home setting.

1. Traditional Candles

Candles are seen as a fire hazard. Retirement homes must enforce strict prohibition rules concerning their use for the safety of all residents.

2. Wall Art

Drilling holes in walls for the purpose of hanging art is mostly frowned upon in senior residences. Pictures and wall hangings of any type probably won't get to be enjoyed.

3. Small Appliances

Retirement homes often have rules about what types of appliances residents are allowed to have in their quarters. Electrical devices like air fryers, toasters, and hot plates may be off-limits.

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