Getting Through "The January Blahs" Together: Strategies for Helping Struggling Seniors Move Forward
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Serving Spring Hill and surrounding areas.
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Getting Through "The January Blahs" Together: Strategies for Helping Struggling Seniors Move Forward

January is often dreaded and sad among many people, especially senior citizens. The holiday/winter period is synonymous with family reuniting and togetherness. Elderly loved ones face the challenge of keeping up with the January depression. The lack of support for senior citizens has left many feeling abandoned. People must be alert to how their elderly loved ones are coping in January and what they can do to help. Furthermore, it is also good to assist other seniors in the community that are not family.

Few people know how to help struggling seniors move forward. Finding the right partner is important in caring for your elderly loved ones. Senior Helpers of Spring Hill can guide you to help senior citizens cope with the "January blahs."

#1: Being Present in Their Lives

The elderly battle depression while away from family members after the festivities. Many seniors are alone during this period which compounds their misery. 

The sadness turns to depression if left unchecked during this crucial stage. Being present for your elderly family members in January is vital in helping them get better. 

Persons over the age of 65 need close attention, and it is up to their family and friends to be active in their lives. Also, senior citizens value people checking up on them as it shows someone cares for them.

#2: Suggest Activities That Interest Them

An effective way of helping senior citizens move on from the January blues is by doing things they love. The activities range from playing cards, walking in parks, and going to the cinema. Providing fun activities assists in making the elderly forget about their condition. Thus, you should know what interests your elderly family members. 

The information ensures that you expose them to what they like. It helps reduce the depression they are facing after the festive period. You should not have to stress too much to find fun activities for senior citizens around you. Senior Helpers helps senior citizens in Spring Hill, Brooksville, Inverness, and Crystal River. We ensure your loved ones have what they need to get better.

#3: Seek Medication Interventions When Necessary

Sometimes January depression might be a symptom of a medical or mental issue in persons over the age of 65. Knowing the medical history of your elderly family members can help find the next step. 

Seeking medical intervention is the right thing to do to help senior citizens get better. Medication addresses depressive symptoms a person experiences after the December festivities. You must be alert and recognize any signs of depression. 

Early detection helps in providing care before the condition becomes worse.

Choose Senior Helpers for Expert Care and Advice on Senior Citizens

When dealing with a depressed senior citizen you must take action as soon as possible. January is often difficult among the elderly since they are away from family and friends. Finding a way to push through depression is hard and requires others to intervene. Unfortunately, it is hard finding appropriate interventions for senior citizens on depression.

Senior Helpers offer personalized services in Spring Hill, Hernando, Lecanto, and Homosassa. Our experienced professionals assist with meal preparations, medication reminders, or home safety evaluations.

Contact us today to learn more about depression among senior citizens.