Veteran Spotlights for Memorial Day
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Serving Fort Collins and surrounding areas.
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Veteran Spotlights for Memorial Day

Veteran Spotlights for Memorial Day

Here at Senior Helpers, we are honored to support veterans in any way possible. We love to hire veterans to become amazing caregivers as well as support veteran care through the VA. With our coordination with the VA, we can provide necessary services to older adults who need in-home homemaker and respite care.

For Memorial Day, we want to highlight one of our amazing clients and one of our phenomenal caregivers, who are both veterans. To all our veterans, thank you for your service!


Jessica R, Caregiver

Jessica is an amazing caregiver who served our country with pride. She gladly served in the army from 1990 until 1997. She first joined the army as a 71L administrative assistant attached to an Aviation unit. During her time in the service, she acquired just about every military vehicle license you could have and she achieved soldier of the week, soldier of the quarter, and soldier of the post at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland.

Jessica loved being in the military but left to take care of her husband. With the experience of taking care of her husband, who was in a coma for 18 years, Jessica started working in healthcare. Now, Jessica has been in healthcare for over 25 years with experience in hospitals, facilities, and medical offices. She enjoys working with her clients and hearing their stories.

Jessica has two kids and two grandkids, who she adores. In her free time, she likes to read and do crossword puzzles. We are so lucky to have Jessica on our Senior Helpers care team! She is an amazing caregiver who always gives her all to her clients and to the company.


Thomas B, Client

Our wonderful client, Thomas, was in the Navy from 1957 until 1961 when he was honorably discharged. Now, Thomas enjoys his time at his Greeley home with his dog and three cats.

His favorite memory of the service was when he was in charge of the steam heat for the ship. Every night, a Junior Grade (JG) officer, a pilot, asked Thomas to change the temperature. Finally, a division officer, a captain, asked to be involved. The next time the JG officer stopped by to change the temperature, the division officer was ready and denied his request. In just two short weeks, the division officer had the JG officer transferred to a base in Alaska so he couldn’t bother anyone anymore with temperature changes.

Thomas would love to share some advice for younger people joining the service. First, check out every branch prior to enlisting so you can get a good indication about what you’d like to do in the service. Then, go in with your eyes open!



Senior Helpers Veteran Support

If you are a veteran and need services, we are happy to help you connect with the VA. Since we provide services through the VA, we can help you discover your benefits. Additionally, if you are a veteran seeking employment, we would love to schedule an interview. Give us a call at (970) 658-8228 for more information.