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  • Why Diabetic Seniors Struggle to Stay Hydrated (And What to Do About It)

    March 16, 2023

    Dehydration can lead to a variety of dangerous symptoms, especially if you have diabetes. Learn what you can do to help your senior loved ones stay hydrated.

  • Seniors' Guide to Healthy Meal Planning on a Budget

    March 16, 2023

    Meal planning helps you allocate your grocery dollars well and still have nutritious dishes. Check this guide to plan healthy meals on a budget.

  • Can You Suddenly Get COPD as an Older Adult?

    March 1, 2023

    COPD can affect the quality of life of many seniors. Learn the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for this condition and if it's possible for is possible for COPD to develop in older adults.

  • How Changing Your Diet Can Reduce Your Chances of Developing Alzheimer's Disease

    February 28, 2023

    Seniors can take preventative measures to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. Learn how to adjust your diet to keep your mind healthy as you age.

  • Practical Palliative Options Available During End-Of-Life Journeys

    January 26, 2023

    Does your senior need hospice or palliative care? Get compassionate care services to make this time easy for you and your elderly loved one.

  • Adult Children's Guide to the First Christmas After Their Parent Receives a Dementia Diagnosis

    December 19, 2022

    Helping a senior family member cope with a dementia diagnosis and symptoms is challenging for their loved ones, but it can get less difficult once they learn what to expect and how to help their family member. The holidays are a time when senior citizens and their loved ones might be more sensitive to their condition, so here are our FAQs on how to best take care of family members during the first holiday after a dementia diagnosis.

  • Planning Out the Year Ahead for Seniors

    January 13, 2021

    The older we get, the more critical it is to plan out important events and future lifestyle changes. Planning factors such as budgets, home environment, transportation, and more can help us stay organized. Additionally, this helps us not forget anything and relieves any stress we might otherwise incur.

  • Seniors & Coronavirus

    June 19, 2020

    People and businesses are trying to adjust to this new normal. Our most vulnerable populations are seniors, are advised to keep staying on the home. This segment discusses what COVID-19 is doing to their mental health, and how we can take action.

  • Benefits for Veterans

    June 19, 2020

    There are a lot of free services available for our veterans... especially through the VA, but the process may be difficult for some.. and some veterans aren't aware that those services are available, that's where "Senior Helpers" steps in.

  • 10 Summer Safety Tips

    June 18, 2020

    Summer is a time of fun and relaxation for most people. But for seniors, the heat and sun can be dangerous if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Senior Helpers, Arizona’s leading in-home caregiving provider, has a list of tips that aging adults, as well as their caregivers, can use to make sure they have a safe summer.