Senior Helpers Reviews In Madison, WI
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Dane County and surrounding communities including: Madison, Middleton, Monona, Sun Prairie, Waunakee, DeForest, Cottage Grove, Fitchburg, Verona, Oregon, Stoughton
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Dane County and surrounding communities including: Madison, Middleton, Monona, Sun Prairie, Waunakee, DeForest, Cottage Grove, Fitchburg, Verona, Oregon, Stoughton
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We are proud to have had the opportunity to care for and support seniors and families in our community. Hear what they have to say about the services that we have provided:

" I am writing to thank you and all the staff - especially those who provided care - at Senior Helpers for the care you provided my mother. The contributions of your care givers were an important and necessary part of my mother's life while at Assisted Living. The grace and empathy with which they interacted with my mother contributed to her well-being and provided a sense of ease for our family. I can say that several of the longer-term helpers became part of her family, and I know she truly appreciated the effort each made to make her life better. I also appreciate how difficult care for elderly patients is. I am grateful that organizations like Senior Helpers are available and am even more grateful that individuals like your helpers are committed to serving the elderly and those in need with the grace and skill necessary to make a difference in their lives. My mom is settling into life in Memory Care and is becoming more relaxed with her environment. Thank you again for all that you did for my mother and keep up the good work."


“I have had a very positive experience with Senior Helpers providing care for my mom. The caregivers have been very helpful and kind. The Case Manager and office team have gone above and beyond to provide excellent service. Senior Helpers provide our family with peace of mind and someone is always available 24/7. They even have on call caregivers to cover if there is a call out.”

Kelly H.

"Our family was very fortunate to have all the Senior Helpers who came in to help with Mom's care.  Kelly did a good job of keeping an eye on where Mom was and adjusting the staff to match her needs as she required more nursing-type care.  It was wonderful having our long-term caregivers Bea, Sue, and Eunice in the mix who were familiar with Mom's favorite foods, personality, daily routine, and tendencies.  Sonia, Lucy, Ada, and Jennifer were also excellent - they jumped in a bit later, but all did an amazing job of intuiting Mom's needs and providing great care.  Darci, Ada and Cindi were great on the night shift -- they were wonderful at attending to and soothing Mom when she was having hallucinations and feeling anxious towards the end.  Emmon and CiCi were great about monitoring Mom's pressure sores and keeping her legs moisturized with lotion.  In the last couple weeks, Bea and Jennifer were wonderful about helping Mom at times when she was feeling more energetic to sit up in bed, work on her word puzzles, and prepare something tasty for her to eat.  And I enjoyed getting to know the caregivers.  You have a great team of wonderful, caring people working there.  Please convey our sincere gratitude to them all for their patience and kindness in caring for Mom over this past year - our family couldn't have made it without their help!!"

Sally G. 


“Just so you know I think you are all tops on the list! Your owner is lucky to have so many capable, considerate and understanding employees. You have all helped my brother and our whole family a lot!
Thank you"

Sue H.

"I have been recommending Senior Helpers to others. You also provided care for my dear cousin in Sun Prairie at The New Perspective Living Center. There were many good caregivers for her, however I do want to give a shout out to Lynette. You are so lucky to have her. We will always be thankful for the type of care you provide."

Marge B.

“I wanted to congratulate Senior Helpers for exceeding our expectations. When we needed some additional evening help with my father in hospice at home, Senior Helpers was highly recommended by the hospice social worker. We called and immediately got a hold of someone that put us at ease. We answered questions about the type of support we needed at night, the hours, the duties, etc. The questions we were asked were thoughtful, and when we hung up, we felt that we had a partner in the care of our father. 

We met Lizzy the next day at our home, confirmed the fact that we were looking for someone to partner with one of us at night and we were surprised that there was already someone available if we were ready. That evening, the caretaker that arrived worked beautifully with me, was interested in my father's likes/dislikes and also supportive of me getting some sleep as well. It is strange to have a stranger in your home, but it was always professional and focused on the person needing the care. Senior Helpers prioritized our care so that we had some consistent caregivers which meant so much - we didn't have to share information about our father over and over again to new people... our caregivers knew him, could see improvements or declines and always, always did their best to keep him safe.

I would recommend Senior Helpers to any family at any time. All we can say is that we were a family overwhelmed and Senior Helpers changed our situation and stress for the better. Thank you Senior Helpers!”

Shelly L.

“To the Caregivers of Beth A.,

Words cannot express our thoughts and gratitude to all of you amazing women.  You all have given so much to her- compassion, medical and personal care and had become a huge part of mom’s life.  You also helped her through her journey with all of your emotional support.

We are grateful and thankful to each and every one of you.”

Laura S.
Beth G.
Lisa B.

Since it looks like yesterday was our last day with one of our caregivers, I just wanted to share with you a few thoughts. During our time with her, she was a caring and thoughtful caretaker. She went the extra mile on any number of occasions, including finding a new shower chair through her Facebook links, which I would never have found since I’m not a Facebook person. I so appreciate  her interactions with Mother and willingness to engage Mother in conversation, or at least asking her questions to encourage her to talk. I think Mother also really appreciated her ‘gentle touch’ during bathing. I’ve been laid low the last week with a cold, and she took a lot of initiative to fill in for tasks that I often do. She is a very pleasant person, and we all enjoyed having her here. Over and over, you’ve sent amazing caretakers to our home. You must be a hiring guru.

Pat G. 

“Senior Helpers has helped my 95 year old mom with advanced Parkinson’s to stay at home with their care seven days a week. They assist her with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, meals, cleaning, medication reminders. They also provide companionship. She has had consistent caregivers for almost two years. They were also able to arrange a caregiver to assist my mom to her grandsons wedding in Green Bay in August. Without them, she would not have been able to go.  Thank you Senior Helpers for all you have done for my mom and family.”

Jolene H.

“Using Senior Helpers was the best decision we ever made for our Dad. His quality of life increased significantly as he was able to live as independently as possible in the comfort of his own home. The staff did an excellent job of managing the complex dimensions of his dementia and heart failure, always treating him with the utmost respect, dignity and compassion. They encouraged his quirky sense of humor and made him feel so loved, which is ultimately all you could want as a family member. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone and everyone.”

Michaela L.

"I have used Senior helpers since my mom's vascular dementia became more advanced. She lives alone and without them would have needed placement. They come to help with meds and meals and provide companionship when I am at work. The caregivers have become like friends to her. They are well trained in how to support a person with dementia (This requires significant education). They have supported, and educated me as a family member as well. I would highly recommend them to anyone ! Especially if you have a loved one with Alzhiemer’s or dementia. I believe they are the best in Madison for this by far."

Julie H. 

I have been working for over 12 years for Senior Helpers. I hired Senior Helpers to help care for my Mom 3 years ago. She loves Jane and can’t wait for her to help her every Monday she has become a good friend to my Mom. When my Parents were hospitalized 9 days apart in May and June Senior Helpers Cindi and Darci spent 15 hours a day taking care of them for evenings and nights for a month. They were wonderful and kept them out of a facility doing all the cares and housekeeping  they needed. I never worried after I left them for the night. My Parents had one on one care staying in their home. The Caregivers always met their needs. Working at Senior Helpers I know how well Caregivers are trained and how excellent the office staff is. I would give them the highest rating!! The next time my Parents need help I would just call them and care would be there soon with amazing caregivers!! Thank You for the opportunity to work for an amazing company and taking care of my Parents!!  I can rest easy knowing I have help whenever they need more help and a backup for me. I would highly recommend them for your loved ones Care and as a Caregiver working for them.

Susan C.