Talking About End-of-Life Wishes With Adult Children: When Is the Right Time?
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Serving Woodbridge and surrounding areas.
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Talking About End-of-Life Wishes With Adult Children: When Is the Right Time?

As life expectancy continues to increase, both senior parents and adult children need to discuss end-of-life wishes sooner rather than later. It's a difficult conversation that can seem daunting at first but is ultimately necessary.  Here's a look at some things to consider to make the process easier for everyone.

An Important Discussion

Talking about end-of-life preferences with adult children can benefit both of you in a variety of ways. Discussing one's wishes gives your adult children the peace and comfort that comes with knowing that your desires will be followed. Also, it avoids potential conflict over these decisions. In addition, your children will often find it comforting to know exactly what you want to be done. 

Potential Challenges

Having conversations about end-of-life wishes can be especially challenging. This is because of the sensitive nature of the topic. Parents and adult children may feel hesitant to talk openly due to fear of rejection or difficulty communicating with one another. As a result, it is often difficult to find the right time to start these conversations. However, you want to make sure that your wishes will be respected and followed. 

When Is the Right Time to Talk?

Both you and your adult child should be ready for the conversation to be beneficial. It is important that parents wait until their adult children are comfortable enough to have such a discussion. The ideal time is typically when either party (or both) expresses interest in having this talk or when the parent's health has diminished significantly. 

Tips for Discussing End-of-Life Wishes

It's easier to broach such a sensitive topic with your adult children when you come prepared. Decide what you want to discuss, be respectful, and be open to any questions your children might have.

Parents should also ensure that their adult children understand their reasons for wanting the talk. This guarantees an open dialogue. You can decide on a date to discuss your wishes. It's a good idea to let your adult children know that this is the topic, so they don't feel hijacked. 

During the talk, you should include information about your estate planning, your wishes for a cremation or burial, and the amount of care you want if you cannot make decisions on your own. Give everyone a chance to talk and respond to their concerns. 

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End-of-life conversations can be uncomfortable but they are necessary. Talking about end-of-life wishes with adult children not only ensures that your wishes are followed, but also helps them be prepared when the time comes. 

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