Tips to Keep Your Green Thumb in Autumn
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Serving Alexandria and surrounding areas.
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Tips to Keep Your Green Thumb in Autumn

Those who love gardening might wonder how they can continue to enjoy their beloved hobby as the leaves change color and the air gets crisper. Autumn brings with it a unique set of challenges for garden enthusiasts, especially seniors. As a group that cherishes this pastime, you must learn how to adapt to the shifting seasons. This Senior Helpers blog post will provide effective tips for maintaining your garden and introducing new plants during autumn. 

Understanding Autumn Gardening

The onset of autumn requires alterations to your gardening routine. Due to shorter days and cooler temperatures, plants undergo different growth and maintenance needs. It is the ideal time to add new perennials, trees, or shrubs with fewer insects and less weed competition to deal with. It is also a great opportunity to improve the soil and start planning for the coming year. While fall gardening can be challenging, understanding these changes can turn autumn into an exciting planting and harvest season.

Ideal Plants for Autumn Planting

Contrary to popular belief, autumn is not the end of the gardening season. Various plants flourish during this period. Fall favorites, including chrysanthemums, pansies, and asters, can withstand the chill and add vibrant colors to your garden. Hardy shrubs and trees, like evergreens and Japanese maples, remain strong throughout the season and provide structural interest. Edibles like lettuce, radishes, and kale also thrive. These plants enliven your garden as they stimulate your senses and keep you engaged in your cherished hobby.

Gardening Tips for Autumn

Preparation is essential when it comes to fall gardening. Start by cleaning up fallen leaves and drained summer plants to prevent diseases. Additionally, autumn is an excellent time for soil enrichment. Adding organic matter can replenish soils in time for spring planting. Remember to keep watering your plants adequately. Even though the weather is cooler, the plants still need moisture. As frost sets in, provide protection, especially for tender plants. Mulches, cloches, or row covers come in handy. The more care you give your garden during autumn, the more it rewards you during spring.

Adjust Gardening Activities for Health and Mobility Concerns

Health and mobility issues sometimes arise with the changing weather. It can make it more challenging to continue your gardening activities. One solution is to use raised garden beds or containers to make bending and kneeling easier. Choose lightweight tools, like pruners and trowels, made from aluminum or plastic. Use kneelers or stools to reduce stress on your joints. Dress warmly and keep hydrated. Above all, listen to your body and take breaks when needed. Gardening should be a source of joy and relaxation, not discomfort.

Senior Helpers Can Assist With Garden Chores

Senior Helpers offers quality, in-home senior care services designed to meet the personal needs of our senior community. If you live in the Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, or Fairfax County areas, don't hesitate to contact us today at Senior Helpers Arlington-Alexandria, VA. We are here to help you continue to enjoy the gardening activities you love, even in the changing seasons.