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Serving Houston and surrounding areas.
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  • Vitamin D Effects on Senior Immunity

    April 14, 2024

    Discover how vitamin D impacts senior immunity. Learn about risks, intake methods, and senior helpers' support for optimal health.

  • Understanding Parkinson's: A Senior's Guide

    April 13, 2024

    Discover practical advice and specialized Parkinson's care services for seniors. Find support to manage Parkinson's disease with Senior Helpers.

  • Budget-Friendly Meals for Senior Care

    March 17, 2024

    Discover budget-friendly meals for seniors with dietary restrictions: from beans and lentils to canned fish and frozen vegetables!

  • Increasing Fiber in Senior Diets

    March 16, 2024

    Discover the vital role of fiber in senior diets for improved digestive health and disease prevention.  Learn practical tips to incorporate fiber-rich foods now. 

  • Presidential Trivia for Seniors on Presidents Day

    February 16, 2024

    Explore captivating presidential trivia for seniors this President's Day. From surprising predecessors to Hollywood glamour, uncover entertaining anecdotes and join us in celebrating U.S. presidential history with Senior Helpers Central Houston.

  • Senior Advocacy: Making a Difference in February

    February 15, 2024

    Empower seniors with advocacy. Explore February opportunities to influence senior rights, healthcare policies, and more. Engage in community involvement, online platforms, and in-home care support. Immerse yourself in senior advocacy today.

  • "Dear Senior" Valentines Day Card Drive Combats Loneliness Epidemic

    February 9, 2024

    Love is in the air! This month, the owners of Senior Helpers in Houston is hosting a Valentine's Day card drive and they're hoping to collect 500 cards to deliver to seniors. They were LIVE in the CW 39 Houston studio with more.

  • Senior Helpers on CW 39 Houston: Spreading Love to Seniors this Valentine's Day

    February 6, 2024

    Senior Helpers of Central Houston was delighted to be featured on CW 39 Houston's "Houston Happens" segment, where we shared our heartwarming initiative, the "Dear Senior, Valentine's Day Card Drive."

  • 5 Signs That Male Seniors Are Suffering From SAD

    January 16, 2024

    Discover the signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in male seniors and learn how Senior Helpers Central Houston provides essential tools and support for their mental well-being. Break the stigma and seek help today.

  • How to Talk to Senior Parents About Living Wills & DNRs

    January 15, 2024

    Navigate end-of-life decisions with compassion, learn about living wills and Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders for seniors, and ensure dignity and peace of mind through expert guidance for quality conversations.

  • 8 Senior-Friendly Reads for Cozy Winter Evenings

    December 13, 2023

    Explore our curated winter reading list for seniors, a collection of heartwarming novels, timeless classics, and uplifting biographies. Senior Helpers is here to enhance cozy evenings with in-home care services in Houston, South Houston, and Harris County.

  • Combating Holiday Loneliness: Tips for Seniors

    December 12, 2023

    Discover actionable strategies for managing holiday loneliness among seniors. Engage in community events, volunteer, use technology, and explore new hobbies with Senior Helpers in Houston.

  • Protecting Seniors From Common Winter Illnesses

    November 11, 2023

    Discover efficient strategies to safeguard seniors from common winter illnesses. Learn how to protect senior loved ones with Senior Helpers in South Houston and Harris County. Prioritize their well-being this winter season with our expert in-home senior care.

  • Senior Nutrition: Foods That Boost Immunity in Winter

    November 10, 2023

    Discover the importance of senior nutrition in boosting immunity during the winter. Learn about immune-boosting foods and meal preparation tips for your loved ones. Senior Helpers in Houston is here to support senior wellness.

  • Understanding Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis

    October 10, 2023

    In this blog, we discuss what psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis are, explain their development, shed light on their symptoms, and illustrate their impact on daily life.

  • Things Every Senior Woman Should Know About Mammograms

    October 9, 2023

    Understanding mammograms and their significance is important for senior women. With knowledge, we can dispel fears and take control of our health.

  • Eating Healthy During the Autumn Months

    September 11, 2023

    As the temperatures drop and flu season approaches, it's important to eat nutritious foods to boost our immunity and overall health. Here's how to eat healthy in autumn.

  • Ways to Volunteer at Your Local School as a Senior

    September 10, 2023

    Volunteering at your local school can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience for seniors. From assisting in libraries and reading stories to tutoring students, there are plenty of opportunities to engage, contribute, and learn.

  • Understanding Glaucoma: Symptoms and Risk Factors

    August 12, 2023

    Often described as the "sneaky thief of sight," glaucoma is particularly insidious because it develops slowly. Here are the symptoms and risk factors to look out for.

  • What to Do If Your Family Caregiver Is Feeling Burnt Out

    August 9, 2023

    It's not uncommon for those caring for relatives to feel overwhelmed or drained. This article will help you understand the signs of caregiver burnout and provide practical solutions to ensure your caregiver gets the help and support they need.

  • Why You Should Encourage Seniors to Take Daily Walks

    July 8, 2023

    Let's explore the benefits that a simple walk around the block can bring to seniors. From boosting heart health to lowering stress levels, we'll explore why this easy-to-adopt exercise is a secret weapon for promoting physical and mental wellness in our golden years.

  • How Companion Care Can Help Seniors Build More Friendships

    July 7, 2023

    Learn how companion care can help seniors forge more friendships and community ties, bringing a vibrant social life back within reach.

  • How to Pack for Seniors With Extensive Medications

    June 7, 2023

    When it comes to packing and organizing for a senior, managing medications on vacation can seem daunting. As a primary caregiver, being well-prepared and organized ensures the health and safety of your senior loved one during the trip.

  • The Benefits of Time Outdoors for Seniors With Dementia

    June 6, 2023

    If you are a caregiver for a senior with dementia, you should know that spending time outdoors can not only be a refreshing change of scenery but can also offer numerous benefits for both you and your loved one.

  • How to Support Your Senior Relative in Making New Friends

    May 13, 2023

    Building strong social connections is vital for everyone. Here's how you can help the seniors in your life make new friends and form meaningful connections.