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Serving League City and surrounding areas.
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Serving League City and surrounding areas.
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Senior Helpers of Greater League City is a certified dementia office. The co-owner, Dr. Marie Youngblood, has a PhD in public health which allows the office to stay abreast of the concerns of the elderly and disabled. Dr. Youngblood applies the vast research in this area of public health to the practical day-to-day care of our clients/patients.

We believe research is valuable.

Dr. Youngblood reads the research adding to the current knowledge and practices employed by the office. She provides training for her caregivers in League City every three months, which includes the current trend of the research in public health. She applies the scientific research in a practical approach when training the caregivers. The caregivers also learn how and what to observe so that they can record it in the client's care notes as part of the unique care plan process developed by Dr. Youngblood.

The information from the care notes are then analyzed so that Dr. Youngblood can inform the caregiver which activities to sign out from the office library which will enhance that client’s abilities. Research has shown that cognitive and physical activities not only allow elderly to live longer but to live better. Dr. Youngblood is a strong advocate of the use of activities and to ensure that activities are tailored to the individual’s needs, she reads the care notes and discusses with the caregivers in order to decide on the best activity for each client/patient.

Senior Helpers of Greater League City cares for the client/patient in their daily needs of bathing, dressing, transferring, assisting with walking, preparing of meals, reminding of medication as well as applying intervention so that our clients have an opportunity to live longer and happier.