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Serving Charleston, Summerville, Orangeburg and surrounding areas.
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Serving Charleston, Summerville, Orangeburg and surrounding areas.
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Gift Giving for Alzheimer’s Patients

Gift giving is a fun tradition to observe during the holidays, but it can be stressful to think about what to give to your loved one suffering from dementia. Senior Helpers of Charleston is here to provide you with some great gift ideas.

  1. The gift of music

    Music therapy for Alzheimer’s patients has been proven to help in the three stages of the cognitive decline. In the first stage, music is a good way to continue to use memory. Often, when the ability to use language begins to fail, music memory remains. In the second stage, music can evoke a certain emotion or trigger a memory. And in the third stage, it can help calm a patient. A great gift, then, would be an easy to use IPOD or music device. Load the device with your loved ones’ favorite music.

  2. Memory books

    Scrapbooks and memory books would make for a great gift that your loved one can easily flip through. It would be an incredibly thoughtful gift for anyone, but especially for those suffering from dementia with difficulty remembering. In your memory book, be sure to write descriptions or anecdotes for each of the photographs. If your loved one cannot remember it, it will still be a nice story for them to read.

  3. Mentally Stimulating gifts

    Games that enhance mental stimulation make for great gifts. Games like Sudoku books, word searches, or scrabble. These activities keep the brain active and give your loved on something to focus on and something to keep their hands busy.

  4. Gravity blankets

    Gravity blankets or weighted blankets make for great gifts as they help reduce anxiety by calming the nerves and providing comfort. These blankets come in all sizes from bed covers to simple lap blankets.

From all of us at Senior Helpers of Charleston – Happy Holidays!