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Serving Charleston, Summerville, Orangeburg and surrounding areas.
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Serving Charleston, Summerville, Orangeburg and surrounding areas.
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Having a Happy Holiday

The holidays are a time to celebrate and bring together family and friends to light the menorah for Chanukah, hand out gifts on Christmas morning, or enjoy a feast for Kwanzaa, but the holidays can be a stressful time, especially for those who have a loved on suffering from dementia. Senior Helpers Charleston is here to help you make a holiday memorable and fun with these holiday tips.

  1. Ask for help

    Senior Helpers Charleston is more than willing to help you with your loved ones during the holiday season. Our nurses are available in Mount Pleasant, Daniel Island, Sullivan’s Island, James Island, Charleston, and the Isle of Palms.

  2. Prepare your family and friends

    Pre-planned conversation topics can be extremely helpful for your guests that don’t know your relative very well. Offer some questions that your family and friends can ask that will be easy to discuss and make your loved one feel included. Great questions to ask refer to your loved ones’ past.

  3. Have a quiet space

    Be sure to have an area of the house that is a dedicated quiet space. If the day gets to be too much, there needs to be a room where your loved one can escape. It might be helpful if this room had a comfortable chair, a bed, and maybe a TV that is quietly playing old movies on repeat.

  4. Enjoy Daylight Festivities

    Night and darkness can disorient those suffering from dementia, so having your gathering during the day might be a smarter choice. Perhaps instead of having a Christmas dinner, you can have a Christmas lunch.

  5. Don’t feel bad, but don’t get stressed.

    Take time for yourself. Planning a holiday and dealing with the stress and heart break of having a loved one suffering from dementia is incredibly difficult. Don’t feel bad for needing a moment for yourself. You are more likely to be able to help someone else, if you are rested and relaxed.

  6. Have an emergency plan

    Make sure to have an emergency plan. No one wants to think about the worst happening, but having a plan can make an emergency easier to deal with. Not only do you need to have contacts for emergency medical professionals nearby, but also have a plan for if you have children. Finding a way to keep your children occupied and having fun while you handle an emergency will help keep the memory of Christmas happy for their futures. You can gently explain the emergency at a later time.

As always, if you have any questions, be sure to give Senior Helpers Charleston a call. We serve Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Daniel Island, Sullivan’s Island, and the Isle of Palms, South Carolina.