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Serving Warren and the surrounding areas.
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Serving Warren and the surrounding areas.
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How to Recognize Functional Decline in Seniors

While there may be no greater gift than growing old surrounded by loved ones, it is important to note that after the age of 60, our health can decline rapidly. So with that said, it is important to be on the lookout for red flags that may indicate functional decline.

It is important to be proactive and take steps to stay healthy, but even still, some may reach a point where they may no longer be able to live comfortably without some type of assistance. For those living in Warren County and the surrounding areas, the caregivers at Senior Helpers of Warren are standing by to help. 

Here are a few red flags to look out for:

Limited Mobility

Your loved one may be the type of person who enjoys being busy.  A senior who loves going places and being outdoors usually won’t slow down unless something is wrong. You know the senior is experiencing mobility problems when they move slower, complain of joint pain, and struggle to get out of bed. Mobility problems are one of the signs of functional decline in seniors.

Poor Balance

Your loved one may be experiencing problems with balance if they continually stumble, trip, or fall. Often, unsteadiness is caused by infections or inflammation in the inner ear. Your loved one may also experience other symptoms like vertigo, where they feel dizzy. Poor balance can become a liability for seniors who are used to living an active lifestyle.

Cognitive Fog

Confusion and memory problems in seniors are not always associated with . You may notice your loved one forgetting appointments or the names of places they were previously familiar with. However, this can usually just be age-related. In actuality, as people age, it’s quite normal to experience cognitive decline. Aging seniors often experience a decrease in blood flow to the brain, which can affect their memory. Be sure to tune into your loved one’s mental and emotional health. Watch for signs of depression, anxiety, and delusional thinking as these can be signs of something more serious.

Poor Housekeeping

If your loved ones usually keep a spotless home, pay close attention to the condition of their home when you visit. If the place looks as if it hasn't been cleaned in weeks, this is definitely cause for concern. The senior may feel unwell and so, can no longer keep up with the housekeeping. However, in situations like this, it may be time to consider getting an in-home caregiver to help around the home. 

It’s important to watch out for functional decline in seniors. But if you think your loved one is declining in health, call Senior Helpers for an assessment, and find out more about recognizing the signs of functional decline in seniors or hiring a professional caregiver in the Warren County, North Warren, Russell, or Corry areas.