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Serving Erie and surrounding areas.
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Save Money With These 6 Senior Discounts

Save Money With These 6 Senior Discounts

There’s nothing more rewarding than getting a great discount when you have very little money in your pockets. This may ring even more true for seniors living on a fixed income. One of the greatest perks of being a senior is the discounts that come along with it. Below, we share six of our favorite senior discounts.


The next time you get ready to take a cruise or Amtrak trip, be sure to inquire about senior discounts.  

Amtrak usually offers a 15 percent discount to seniors who are 62 years of age and over. If you’re traveling by plane, call to inquire about available discounts. Many airlines like United, American, and Southwest Airlines offer senior discounts. 

Seniors looking to save money while traveling by Greyhound are often given a 5 percent discount on their tickets.

Gym Membership

Seniors who are part of a Medicare plan may be eligible for a free membership through SilverSneakers. This membership will give you access to thousands of participating gym locations across the country. 

So, the next time you are at a gym, ask about a membership discount for seniors. In the SilverSneakers program, you can choose to participate in either online or FLEX community classes. FLEX classes are held in community centers and parks. You’ll have access to more than 80 types of classes, from yoga to outdoor walking.

Utility Companies

Other discounts worth looking into are with your utility companies. Some companies offer seniors 65 years and older discounts based on their incomes. Also, local electric and gas companies often have low-income discount programs. Seniors who receive SSI, Veteran Services, Food Stamps, or other types of government assistance usually qualify for discounts. 

Also, check with your water company to see if it offers some type of senior discount. You’ll have to meet age and income requirements, of course.

Grocery Stores

Each year, seniors spend a large part of their budgets on basic food needs. Yet, many of them can’t afford to splurge on special treats for themselves. 

Hopefully, this discount tip will change that. Many grocery stores such as Kroger and Harris Teeter offer discounts to seniors 60 years of age and older. Every Thursday, Harris Teeter will take 5 percent off your entire bill.  

Note, however, that the discounts don’t apply to prescriptions, gift cards, lottery tickets, and fuel purchases.

Cell Phone Carriers

Cell phone service providers understand the need for seniors to stay connected to family members. 

In fact, the senior population has enthusiastically embraced cell phone use. According to the Pew Research Center, cell phone use among seniors has risen by 24 percentage points since 2013. However, many seniors also live on fixed incomes. 

This is why many carriers offer some type of discount for their most senior customers. Whether you need pay-as-you-go or flexible plans, here are the best cell phone plans for seniors.


Everyone loves a good meal. However, affordable prices always seem to make the food taste better. Several restaurants offer senior discounts on special days. Be sure to check with the restaurant manager to find out when these discounts are offered. Note that discounts can also vary, depending on the location.

To find out more about senior discounts or to procure professional caregiver services for you or a senior loved one in the Mill Creek, Fairview, Waterford, and Crawford County areas, contact us today!