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Serving Erie and surrounding areas.
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Serving Erie and surrounding areas.
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The Benefits of Aging in Place

As loved ones age, it's common to notice that they need a little extra help with tasks around the house. You may even be wondering if it's time to move them out of their home and into a care facility. But is this really the best option? Read on to learn about the benefits of aging in place and how in-home care can provide the extra help they need. 

Independence Is Important

When seniors move into a care facility, they give up a lot of the independence they enjoyed throughout their adult lives. Many of the choices that they'd normally make on their own are made for them, like what to eat, what activities to engage in, and when. However, when seniors stay in their homes, they are allowed to make decisions that give them a sense of freedom and autonomy. This can give their quality of life a huge boost!

Over time, seniors will undoubtedly experience some level of physical and mental decline, but maintaining independence despite this is an important component in staving off further decline. In-home caregivers can provide seniors with the assistance they require to stay in their homes safely, and the companionship and human contact they need to thrive.

Familiarity And Routine

When they are still living in their homes, seniors likely engage in the same daily routine and may have been following that routine for years. Staying in this routine can help prevent the confusion or anxiety that comes along with change. When they move into a care facility, they may feel uprooted or disoriented. After all, our home provides a sense of security and comfort, where we are surrounded by the things we know and love. A familiar setting can improve seniors' mental wellbeing.

But sometimes, it becomes hard for them to keep up with personal care like bathing or dressing, or tasks around the home like cleaning, cooking, taking out the trash, doing the laundry, or getting the mail. An in-home caregiver can help seniors prepare meals, tidy up their living spaces, run errands, and other tasks that may become more challenging as they age.

Home Caregivers Are Cost-Effective

You want your senior loved one to receive the best care possible, but you've likely realized that most high-quality care facilities are quite expensive. And even in the best facilities, staff and faculty can be stretched thin, meaning residents may not receive the personalized care and companionship they need.

Home caregivers give seniors personalized attention at a much more affordable rate. And you can choose the amount of time that a caregiver spends with your loved one, meaning you're only paying for the service you need. Seniors have different levels of independence, and maybe they simply need help to get to and from appointments, or a quick wellness check daily. You can hire caregivers for just a few hours a week to start. If your loved one needs more care down the line, you can always increase the caregiver's hours, so your loved one is still getting care from someone they know and trust.

Help Is On The Way!

Senior Helpers of Erie is proud to offer the best care available to seniors in the Erie, Pennsylvania area. Whether your loved one simply needs a little extra help around the home, or they require around the clock care, we are here to help! The staff here believes that helping seniors age in place is an important factor in keeping them healthy and happy, and we are dedicated to making sure your loved one stays safe at home. Contact us for more information about the services we offer.