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Serving Erie and surrounding areas.
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Activities of Daily Living and Their Application in Senior Care

Activities of Daily Living and Their Application in Senior Care

Every morning, the average person gets out of bed and starts their day by visiting the washroom, taking a shower, brushing their teeth, as well as carrying out other morning activities in preparation for the day. They will also plan out their meals and sit down to break their night fast. These chronological activities in the morning, followed by the rest of the day, constitute the activities of daily living (ADL).

What are Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

ADLs refer to the basic tasks that a person carries out on their own to live comfortably and independently. Almost always, you don't require anyone to help you carry out these tasks. Since they involve personal decisions and what works best for you.

However, there are groups of people who require help to carry out these tasks. Health issues and aging make it difficult for seniors to complete specific self-care tasks that keep them healthy and safe. Some of the basic ADLs for human beings include:

  • Bathing: a person has to shower, maintain dental, hair, and nail hygiene for perfect grooming
  • Dressing: the process of dressing and undressing includes selecting appropriate clothes to wear
  • Mobility: the transfer from one place to another in the rooms or outside
  • Eating: the process of food preparation and feeding to keep healthy
  • Toileting: ability to use toilet facilities by getting on and off the toilet

Also, Instrumental Activities of Daily Life or IADLs refer to more complex tasks that are important for anyone to live independently within a community. IADLs include cooking, shopping, healthcare and medication, caring for pets, use of technology, and transportation.

How ADLs Apply to Senior Care

ADLs and IADLs are the skills required to lead a comfortable and safe life independently within society. Senior members of the family who may have problems carrying out these duties may need assisted living facilities to cope and live better.

Firstly, an assessment suffices to determine what type of ADL they require. Most issues with toileting, bathing, grooming, and eating are taken care of effectively through 24/7 supervision and medical care. These activities help older adults maintain independence while living in a community.

Providers of assisted living communities use ADL and IADL evaluations to rate what a person needs for support. Therefore, they will offer services according to the needs of the individual.

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