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Serving Erie and surrounding areas.
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5 Most Meaningful Hobbies For Seniors

As we enter a new stage of life, it is important to remain engaged in activities that bring us joy. Our activities may look a little different as we get older, but hobbies for seniors are an essential and wonderful part of aging. 

The Senior Helpers team serving the Erie, Waterford, and Crawford County areas knows that it is important to support older adults and promote participation in meaningful activities that can help keep them independent, creative, and engaged. Here are the 5 most meaningful hobbies for seniors:


Any form of art therapy can be extremely beneficial for seniors. Specifically, activities like coloring and painting can help to improve or maintain physical motor skills, like hand and finger dexterity, as well as cognitive abilities, such as memory and thought processing. The experience as a whole can promote both positivity and tranquility in older adults. It allows them the space they need to be creative in their own way while also maintaining (or regaining) a sense of self.


Combined with a healthy lifestyle, yoga and daily stretching can have positive effects on both an individual's physical and mental health. Older adults in any age range are likely to find a few poses that can promote healthy joints, improved mood, and better balance. It is also important for seniors to listen to their bodies and modify poses when necessary.


The benefits of putting down one's thoughts and emotions on paper are remarkable. Not only can journaling stimulate the creative process, but it can also serve as an emotional outlet. Writing and journaling can stimulate muscle movements and increase memory recall. It can also encourage self-reflection to help older adults process their thoughts and experiences in a positive, healthy way.


Getting lost in a good book is always a magical experience that doesn't have to diminish with age. Reading has been shown to support healthy cognitive functioning in older adults.  It can also help individuals to relax and unwind, which can benefit both their physical health and emotional well-being. Recently, reading has become more accessible for older adults. Book holders, e-readers, and audiobooks are all popular options to help seniors continue reading as we age.  


Maintaining a garden can be a rewarding experience. Although it can typically require quite a bit of work, gardening can easily be modified to meet the needs of older adults. A garden will look different for everyone. Some people may want to grow herbs and veggies, especially if they are interested in cooking. Others may want to raise flowers to make a colorful centerpiece for their home. Potted plants are also a good alternative since they are more manageable in terms of growth.


Participating in an activity that brings us joy helps us to stay happy and healthy. Regardless if we are modifying our existing hobbies to accommodate different stages of life or trying something completely new to us, hobbies improve the quality of life.

The Senior Helpers team serving the Erie, Waterford, and Crawford County areas is committed to supporting older adults and discovering activities that improve daily life. Please Contact us to learn more about our services and levels of care.