The Growing Science Behind Breathing Through Your Nose: Quick Overview for Senior Adults
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New Hanover, Pender, Brunswick Counties and parts of the Surrounding Counties
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The Growing Science Behind Breathing Through Your Nose: Quick Overview for Senior Adults

Breathing is often taken for granted as something we don't have to think about. However, how we breathe can play a much bigger role than one might expect in overall well-being. For seniors who may experience light health complications or simply feel sluggish during the day, breathing through the nose may be beneficial.

Benefits of Nose Breathing

Nose breathing is known for bringing about several health benefits, including improved circulation, better bodily oxygen saturation, enhanced vascular and neurological functioning, and increased air filtration. 

Increased filtration: Our noses contain an intricate system of small passages that can filter out unwanted particles and warm up cold air. The nasal passages are lined to help protect against the spread of viruses and bacteria that cause respiratory infections.

Better saturation: Breathing through the nose also keeps air in the lungs longer, allowing for better utilization of oxygen. The interior walls also create pressure and resistance, which contributes to greater intake and smoother exhalation than mouth breathing does. 

Fueling the body: Nose breathing also helps control heart rate variability, which is important during physical activity. Controlling heart rate can also help increase mental clarity throughout the day. It also keeps oxygen levels consistent and can give seniors an extra boost, even when performing light physical activity.

Improved sleep: Nose-breathing has been linked with better sleep quality throughout the night. Better sleep means more energy throughout the day and helps the body recover more effectively.

Lower stress: Deep nasal breathing also helps calm the body during stressful situations. Deep breathing exercises can reduce heart rate and prevent a physiological stress response.

Tips for Senior Adults

Senior adults may find nasal breathing to be an effective way to improve their health and overall quality of life. Experiencing these positive effects may take some work for seniors who may have been used to breathing through their mouths. To get started, try breathing through only one nostril. This will help get your body used to breathing through your nose. Box breathing is another good exercise for beginners. Count to four slowly while you inhale through your nose, hold your breath for the same long four counts, then exhale slowly over four counts.

Senior Helpers Wilmington Offers Personalized Caregiving Services

Breathing through the nose is an effective way for seniors to improve their physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being. Deep nasal breaths can help increase oxygen levels in the body, reduce stress and fatigue, lower heart rate, and promote overall better health. With practice and dedication, it can be a beneficial tool for senior adults seeking greater general health. In-home caregivers can help seniors with breathing exercises, support light activity, and assist with errands. For more information on how caregiving services can help, contact Senior Helpers Wilmington today. Our professional caregivers support seniors in and around New Hanover, Pender, Brunswick, and Wilmington areas.