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Serving Westford and surrounding areas.
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Serving Westford and surrounding areas.
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Grandma's Joy Gift Box: The Best Way to Visit Grandma in 2020

Subscription boxes are a recurring delivery of niche-related products on a monthly or quarterly basis. Today, more and more of these boxes are aimed at satisfying the needs and desires of seniors. 

During the COVID-19 outbreak, many Westford area seniors have resorted to staying home to protect their health and well-being. Subscription boxes can be a great way to get products conveniently delivered to their doors while mitigating their risks of going out.

One such subscription service offering delivery to seniors is aimed at giving Westford area grandmothers and their grandchildren fun activities to enjoy together at home. This subscription box is called "Grandma's Joy Gift Box." Having these activities delivered helps grandmothers who are aging in place create lifelong memories with their grandchildren while sheltering in place at home.

What Is "Grandma's Joy Gift Box"?

The "Grandma's Joy Gift Box" is a delightful monthly subscription box that is shipped to your home on the first (1st) of each month. Every month, there is a new theme that will be sure to delight both grandmothers and grandchildren. The subscription box is thoughtfully designed to deliver fun and creative activities to help grandmothers bond with their grandchildren.  

What's Inside "Grandma's Gift Box"?

"Grandma's Gift Box" comes to your door each month packed with 4 to 6 delightful items that will keep Grandma and the grandchildren busy for hours of nonstop fun. You can expect to find books, puzzles, coordinated craft activities, and other materials that will help Grandma create lifelong memories with her grandchildren while staying home and sheltering in place in the Westford area. 

Great for Grandma to Order or As a Gift

Whether you're a Grandma choosing to order a subscription box to enjoy with your grandchildren, or you are someone considering giving the "Grandma's Gift Box" as a gift, you can rest assured that the gift will be much appreciated.

In light of COVID-19, our activities can be enjoyed safely at home. If you miss participating in outdoor activities with your grandchildren, we understand. These subscription boxes let you have fun with your loved ones while allowing you to stay safe at home. You will get a uniquely themed box each month to keep the activities new and exciting for everyone involved. 

For more information on fun, safe activities for seniors and their grandchildren in the Acton, Concord, and Westford areas, please be sure to contact us with any questions you may have. We are always here to help and address your concerns.