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Serving Westford and surrounding areas.
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Four Ways to Support Loved Ones Who Are Aging in Place at Home

The majority of seniors and their loved ones would prefer the ability to age in place independently. While you likely understand the importance of remaining at home for as long as possible, you may also struggle with the implications to your loved one. What can you do to ensure that your loved one stays safe? Try some of these tips to help your loved one live a happy, fulfilling life as they age at home.

Visit Regularly

One of the most important things you can do for a senior loved one is visit regularly. Don't let too much time go by between visits! Come by with dinner, check in a couple of times a week, or sit on the front porch and just chat. Loneliness, especially in the case of social isolation, can quickly cause senior health to deteriorate. When you visit regularly, you can also check in on your senior loved one and ensure that more help is not necessary. 

Plan Activities Together 

Just like regular visits, regular activity can help increase senior engagement and make it easier for your loved one to stay active. Plan activities together. Include your senior loved one in things you're already doing, whether it's a trip to see your daughter perform in her school play or a trip out for a walk in the park. Simply including your senior loved one can help with isolation. Not only that, regular physical activity can help your loved one stave off some of the effects of aging and remain physically fit for as long as possible. For ideas on fun, senior friendly things to do in Westford, or the surrounding areas like ActonLittleton, or Concord, contact Senior Helpers.

Lend a Hand

You know your loved one well, and you likely have a good idea of what they need most. You may notice that some tasks prove harder for them than others, whether that's keeping up with mowing the lawn or heading out for a grocery trip. When possible, try taking care of some of those tasks. You can drop off a few groceries or take the time to mow the lawn--or hire someone to take care of it--to make it easier to keep up with those tasks. 

Seek Extra Help

Eventually, your loved one may need more help around the house or to take care of self-care tasks. If you notice quality of life deteriorating, consider the benefits of in-home care. Your loved one can continue to age at home, but receive vital support necessary to maintain quality of life and stay more active and engaged. An in-home caregiver can also ensure that medications are taken on time or that a senior with does not pose a danger to themselves. 

If you have a senior loved one living in Westford, Acton, Concord and the surrounding areas, an in-home care provider can help make life easier. Whether it's managing regular trips to the grocery store, assisting with personal care routines, or helping out around the house, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about how our in-home caregivers can help your senior loved one enjoy a higher quality of life while aging in place.

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