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Serving Naperville and surrounding areas.
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Why Home Care Is Better Than Assisted Living In Warrenville Il

It is not advisable to send your elderly loved ones to a nursing home if they want to keep their independence and are capable to do their daily activities. If you think they have come to an age that they need assistance in their daily routine, the better options would be to let me stay in an assisted living facility or provide them a home care services.

Most people think nowadays that the best place for our elderly loved one is to be in an assisted living center for them to get the best care that they need. However, due to lack of information, they don’t know that other options can give better services which our elderly loved ones would prefer.

Why seniors prefer to stay at home?

Unlike younger people, seniors don’t like to be around strangers because it will make them uncomfortable. So what do you think will happen if you try to ask them to move to an assisted living facility? Do you think they will completely understand the main reason why? So even if your intention is for their good, they won’t fully understand your decision or choice because you will take away from them the comfort that they are getting in staying at home, their close friends and the community and they use to love. Moving to another place gives them stressful time because they need to adjust to a new environment and they don’t have that kind of energy to do that.

In some cases, moving to an assisted living facility may cause the loss of their independence and autonomy. Since the facility is not their own home, they will feel that they don’t have the same level of control and authority in such a place. Even if they are getting the assistance that they need, there is a big difference between being at home than staying in a facility.

Having Visitors

Elderly people love visitors because they want to spend more time with their family and friends. In an assisted living facility, though they claim that visitors are welcome anytime, however, it still seems technically not true. Since it is a facility, there will always be some restrictions for security purposes. And because of these restrictions, visitation to our elderly loved ones will badly be affected. On the other hand, staying at home means more visitors whenever they want to have.

Family and Friends can be Part of the Provisions of Care

At home with home care service, friends and family members can help their elderly loved one in his or her daily activities unlike when they are in an assisted living facility. Though they are getting enough care and assistance, we can’t compare the happiness of our elderly loved ones when they get love and attention from the people they love.

It is usually more Cost-Effective

In general, home care service is far more cost-effective than nursing or assisted living. Depending on the type of insurance that you have or your elderly loved ones, the insurance provider covers home care service.

Better Level of Care

There’s a lot of staff who take care of our elderlies in an assisted living facility but it will never promise individual care to elderlies. However, compared to home care service, our loved receives individual and personal assistance which is a lot better for your loved one. If you are now considering home care service, call us today and we will be happy to discuss the best services we can offer. Call us today at 331-281-0728