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Serving Naperville and surrounding areas.
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Serving Naperville and surrounding areas.
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Home Health Care and Home Care Services In Naperville, Il

For most people, Home Health Care and Home Care Services are the same while for some these two things are different but its differences are hard to distinguish. In this article, we can determine the differences between Home Health Care and Home Care Services that will help us to make the best decision for our loved ones when the time comes.

What is a Home Health Care Service?

Hospitals and other facilities such as nursing homes not just offer medical assistance to fix a patient’s sickness or injury, they also provide further health care services during the patient’s recovery period or if a patient needs therapy. However, a home health care service is one of the best alternatives when considering which the most cost-effective while getting the same benefits as what hospitals or other facilities can provide.

So what are the type of services that we can expect from a home health care service? Some people think that since it is a home health care service, the range of services would be very limited compared to what we can get from hospitals that possibly have advanced facilities and instruments. This is a misconception; perhaps home health care service can be limitless depending on the individual patient’s situation. Home health care services include administering injections and IV, mobility care for elders, doctor care, nursing care, different types of therapy like speech and physical therapy and other kinds of assistance. Moreover, on a situation that your loved ones require a round the clock attention, extended hours of service can also be acquired from a home health care service, however, this is not being covered by Medicare if you or your loved ones are taking advantage of the health insurance.

Medicare usually covers home health care but there are some restrictions concerning its coverage. Some features are not covered especially those that are non-medical and the medications that are being administered at home. It is also better for you to learn at hand that the home health care provider and the doctor you will choose should be the one that is a Medicare affiliated. 

What is Non-Medical Home Care Service?

Home Care Service is also known as non-medical home care. A family member usually acquires this service for his or her elderly loved ones who needs assistance in their daily activities. This includes personal assistance such as bathing and grooming, preparing your elder’s meals, various housekeeping tasks, medical management and arranging transportation. Health professionals like doctors are recommending to hire home care services for the elderly mainly because home care service provides a combination of professional and personal attention to your elderly loved ones. This also means that this will not stop you to provide enough time and attention to your loved ones, which is the one that they need especially from you. 

If you are considering today finding the best option for you and your loved one, some agencies or provider offer both health care service and home care services. Take time before you hire your provider and make sure that candidates can answer your questions and if they can perform the assistance that your loved one needed. 

When it comes to providing quality home care to seniors, we are proud to say that we are the best.

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