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Serving Naperville and surrounding areas.
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Care Services for our Seniors

Let’s face the fact that time will come that your elderly loved one get to an age when they need other people to assist them with their daily needs and activities. This is a big decision for them to make and for you as a family member who looks after them. This article aims to provide you an overview of the available services that we have today in Aurora, Il.

The two main factors that we usually consider is our financial capability and the comfort our elderly loved can get from what we can provide to them. We know that it will cost us a lot to place our elderly loved one to an assisted living center or nursing homes. Moving to such other places would also make them very uncomfortable because they need to adjust themselves to another environment and the new people that they are not used to be with all the time. Therefore, we need to know the options that we can provide to them that will also help us to save some money for their other needs.

What is Nursing Home?

In a nursing home, our seniors are being taken cared for by full-time care staff. Residents have their own rooms with own bathroom, however, some other nursing centers offer shared rooms if the elderly prefer to have roommates. Care staff is always available for them to assist especially with personal routines like dressing up, medication management and arranging transportation. Household chores such as cooking, laundry, and house cleaning are also part of the services provided by the center. However, though the assisted living provider provides most of the daily tasks, seniors are still also being encouraged to be independent in doing whatever they want to do every day. Yes, it is very comfortable for our elderly loved ones living in a nursing home. For us, as a family member, we can feel the security for them especially when we are unable to be around for them all the time; however, we need to consider how much would it cost and if our elderlies are willing to move to another place away from home.

What is an Assisted Living?

Compared to nursing homes, elderlies in an assisted living facility or community are more independent. Today, most states have retirement communities and assisted living centers where seniors can keep their independence. Residents here are more capable of doing their daily chores and they only need some sort of assistance from the facility staff. Some facilities allow shared rooms generally for couples that are able to live together and for some other elderlies who prefer to have roommates. Residents can choose the type of services that they only need so they have a choice of living arrangements. This means that the costs vary depending on services provided to the individual resident. Living in an assisted facility or community sounds great because it keeps their independence that boosts their morale as elderlies and thinking that there are people who always there when they need help anytime. But then again, it still very costly and most of our seniors don’t like to stay long away from their home and the community where they used to have. It would be very stressful for them to be away from their friends and the neighborhood they use to love. 

Home Care Services

This is the best option for your elderly loved ones if they are ready to move to any facility such as a nursing home or an assisted living center. If your loved one needs special care that includes health-related care can be provided by the home care service provider. Home care service provider offers a variety of packages. It is as if you have the option to choose if you need the service package of what a nursing home can offer or the services being offered from an assisted living facility. This package will depend on the individual needs or situation of the elderly. Unlike nursing homes and assisted living, home care provides more personal care. A home caregiver assists your elderly loved one in everything that they need as long as they allow to. Therefore, the services are not limited only to basic assistance like medication management or arranging transportation. The best part is that it is very affordable compared to nursing homes and assisted living. Your elderly loved one can also enjoy their independence and socializing within the community where they are close to their family and friends.

We offer the finest home care services for your loved one at a very reasonable price. Find out more about our services by calling 331-281-0728