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How To Choose Fall Fashion For Seniors In Aurora Il

Grooming is not a special privilege for the young.  Seniors, just like young people often feel the need to look good. This happens even in fall when everyone else is on the lookout for what looks good on them in the cold weather.  

It is important to note though that when it comes to fall fashion for seniors, health is and should always be a vital consideration. So for the senior you wish to groom, look for something that is not just warm and cozy but also comfortable. Here’s how to go about it.

Consider Bold Colors

Many autumn clothes come in neutral colors such as brown, grey or black. This is a good thing because these colors serve as a solid base to build an outfit from them. So do not be afraid to jazz and spice things up with bright colors. 

Be sure to also consider jewel tones like plum, teal or even burgundy. Like most fashion experts will tell you, the colors that make you feel good are the ones you will always look good in. So yes, fall fashion for seniors is all about warmth and comfort. But it is also about the “feel good, look good” factor.

Consider going for Accessories

You do not have to invest in new outfits if you have a solid wardrobe for the fall. All you need to do is go for accessories to spruce up your autumn looks. Remember there are so many ways to accessorize during the cold months. For instance, you can go for dark gloves if you have a bright coat already.

You can also consider a bright scarf with a bright coat. Consider too hats specifically designed for the cold weather. All these little accents will breathe new life into your favorite outfits. The best part is you won’t have to spend too much on these accessories.

Make use of Layers

Layers will keep you warm. They will also make you feel good throughout the day. So by all means mix and match pieces as much as you want to come up with a trendy outfit. A thick cardigan over a well knit sweater is one good example of perfect layering.

The contrasting textures here create variation and comfort. You can also try a denim button down which should be bright in color over a plaid flannel shirt which should be dark in color. For women, layering long sleeve shirts under dresses never goes out of fashion.

Experiment with Patterns

Grooming is more or less like art. Patterns and colors play a key role. Venture outside your comfort zone by embracing fun seasonal patterns. Classic patterns like polka dots and stripes alongside creative color combinations will leave you looking superb.

For a bold statement, go for animal prints or floral patterns. Keep on experimenting until you find patterns and combinations you feel good in. There are so many ways that you can experiment with patters so let your imagination run wild.

You can’t go wrong with Jackets

Jackets never go out of style. So by all means invest in 3 or 4 quality jackets for the fall. Remember with proper care and maintenance, a high quality jacket will last you for years.  With that in mind, go for a classic style fall jacket. Consider a pea coat or even a quilted jacket for the best look and a high degree of comfort.

Get Professional Help for your Elderly Loved One

If you need help with taking care of your elderly loved one then a good option is to go for in home care. Your loved one will be happy to stay in their home and receive the expert care that our professional caregivers will provide.

Please contact so that we can talk to you and let you know how we can help you with the care of your loved one.

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