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Serving Naperville and surrounding areas.
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Serving Naperville and surrounding areas.
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Elderly Home Care Services Naperville IL

The decision on how to best take care of your aging parent is a very personal and oftentimes stressful decision.  The choice of in-home care for your aging parent can provide them with familiar surroundings; and depending on their health, maintain their daily routines that keep them happy, motivated and self confident. 

Independence plays an important role in a senior’s psychological state.  Studies have proven those familiar surroundings and the comforts of home help in overall well being.  It has even shown to reduce the number of doctor visits made and if sickness does occur, recovery time is faster in the home environment.

In-Home Care oftentimes provides quality care at a more economical price than other forms of elderly care, such as nursing home or assisted living facilities.  Cost estimates can be given over the phone.  Some general details covered typically consist of:

  • Hourly rates
  • Billing cycle
  • Payment methods
  • Accepted insurances

It is a fact that budget is a major factor in decisions.  Cost of services, of course, depend on the type and amount of care needed and your true costs can be determined once a clear plan of care has been devised.

When considering elderly homecare services in Naperville, we will work with you to personalize services according to your needs and desires. We will meet with designated family members to determine what the specifics are. If at all possible, it is always recommended to involve the elderly parent in these conversations and decisions as well. When necessary we will also consult with physicians, hospitals, etc. Again, we will work with you to personalize the services for your loved one.

There are typically two categories of In-Home care services to choose from: 

  • Skilled Care- this service takes care of medical provisions by a licensed, skilled nurse.
  • Custodial Care or Senior Companion Care- this service typically includes help with shopping, housekeeping, meal preparation and personal care, such as bathing, dressing and feeding.

In developing a personalized service plan that fits the needs of your loved one, you can expect to be asked questions pertaining to specific services and expected level of care needed.  Also anticipate questions about health conditions and daily needs.  These specifics will allow the homecare services to better determine which services will best suite your needs.

Be aware that care plans and services will change over time depending on the progression of new problems or different needs. Initiating clear, concise communication from the beginning is crucial to a good relationship. 

We will help in every way possible to make this transition smooth. 

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