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Serving Naperville and surrounding areas.
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Serving Naperville and surrounding areas.
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Naperville Senior Care

Naperville Senior Care services can help your relative maximize their independence by giving you peace of mind! In Naperville, we have a variety of services available to the elder population that can keep them safe, healthy, and as independent as possible. These services range from in home care programs to full-time assisted living facilities. But, what's right for your relative?

The first step in determining what senior care service will be appropriate for your loved one is simply sitting down with them to discuss what challenges they face daily. You should also consider their cognitive and physical abilities that may make it more difficult for them to live on their own. Ask for their input about what they find most challenging in their daily routine, and how they could be better assisted to continue living independently.

Some relatives will be open to the idea of welcoming in some extra assistance, while others will be very guarded and standoffish about the subject. The important thing is that you are patient and that you show your relative that you truly value their input in making this decision. You should also remind them that, ultimately, the decision you both make will help them be more independent by ensuring their health and safety and by giving them support with the tasks they do not like doing on their own.

In-home care is a particularly popular option for those seeking assistance for their aging relatives. It will allow your loved one to stay in their own home, but it will also give them the assistance they need--whether that's a weekly check-in or daily care. A home care worker will give your relative support by means of companionship and assistance with their physical and cognitive duties when needed.

These programs are especially favored by those who are largely independent still, but may need some extra help cooking, cleaning, or with other daily chores. Home care workers can even remind them when to take their medication or about up-coming appointments, allowing you to breathe easy.

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