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Serving Naperville and surrounding areas.
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Serving Naperville and surrounding areas.
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Home Care Services Chicago

Home care services are an excellent choice for many families who have an aging relative that requires an extra bit of care than they can provide. If you are faced with the decision of figuring out how to best support your aging relative, considering home care services should be on your list.

Many families are hesitant to place their relative into an assisted living facility. This is especially true if your relative does not want to leave their home and if they want to continue sustaining their own level of independence. In this case, home care services can help you support your aging relative while allowing them to stay in their home.

Home care services will provide a dedicated home care worker so many days out of the week, depending on the level of care your relative requires. This home care worker will be a medically trained professional who will aid by means of companionship, reminders, and physical support in the various tasks your relative may not be able to complete on their own.

Some home care programs have their workers offer light duty house cleaning services and assistance with daily chores. Others are much more involved, giving your relative assistance with personal tasks, such as getting dressed, and sometimes even providing transportation assistance to and from medical appointments. These things can make a huge difference in your relative's quality of life, which is why home care programs are so popular.

Home care programs offer different levels of service depending on your relative's needs. The home care director should consult with you, and your relative, to determine your relative's cognitive and physical abilities and then suggest assistance that can help them maximize their independence.

For instance, your relative may not be able to drive safely, so the program director may suggest transportation assistance for them to get to and from appointments. Similarly, your relative may have some memory issues, so the program director may suggest signing your relative up for medication assistance so that they can ensure your relative is always taking the right medications at the right time. The specific services you sign your relative up for will be completely unique to their current situation.

When designed correctly, your relative's home care program will be uniquely fitted to their lifestyle and the services they receive will ultimately maximize their feelings of independence while keeping them safer. This means that you can sleep easy at night knowing your relative is getting the support they need and deserve.