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Serving Naperville and surrounding areas.
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Serving Naperville and surrounding areas.
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Home Care Assistance

If you have an aging relative, you are likely already aware of the challenges the situation can bring with it. Your relative may want to stay in their own home, for instance, while you think they need a greater level of care and attention to be safe and healthy. This can lead to a tense situation between you and your relative and, used to, your only real option would be to move them to an assisted living facility. Now, that is not the case.

Home care assistance means that your relative will get to continue living in their own home. But, you'll get peace of mind since they'll be getting the support they need to continue upholding as much independence as possible. With a home care assistance program, a trained home care worker will visit your relative on a given number of days each week. Some home care workers are hired simply as a "check in" system to make sure your relative is doing well while others are hired for daily assistance with regular chores.

If you have a relative who requires a lot of support, perhaps with their memory or even physically, a home care assistance program may be able to provide that. A home care worker will check in on your relative so many days out of the week, providing a pre-set level of care so that your relative can sustain their current lifestyle as much as possible. The home care worker may be hired to assist with daily cleaning and cooking tasks, or they may be hired for assistance with shopping, getting to and from appointments, and helping your relative remember their medications and duties.

A home care worker can offer an unmatched level of care for your aging relative, all while keeping them in the comfort of their own home. Speaking with local program directors will help you figure out what kind of assistance is available to their relative. Speaking to your relative will then help you understand what kind of assistance they require on a regular basis. Involving your relative in this decision will help them feel valued and more independent, so be sure to ask for their input.

If you both decide that a home assistance program is the right choice, getting started is simple, give us a call to find out how.

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