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The Differences Between Home Health Care And Home Care Services in Naperville, IL

A lot of people confuse home health care and home care services. They think that they are the same but they are very different. The aim of this article is to help you to understand the differences between them, so that you can make the right decision when it comes to home care for your loved ones.

So what exactly is Home Health Care?

If your loved one has an illness or has suffered from an injury then there are a number of home health care services that can provide assistance. Yes you can get the same treatment at a hospital or other facility that has skilled nursing, but usually health home care is more cost effective than these alternatives.

The type of services that you can expect from home health care include the administering of injections and IV therapy, mobility care for elders that have some mobility impairment, the treatment of wounds and occupational therapy.

If your loved one has Medicare then home health care is normally covered by this. But some aspects of home health care will not be covered like the medication that is administered in your loved one’s home and anything that is considered as non medical home care.

In the situation where your loved one requires 24 hour care there is no coverage from Medicare on this. Only part time health care services come under the Medicare spectrum. Usually there is a limit of thirty five hours per week of home health care.

There are also likely to be other restrictions with Medicare coverage. They will insist that the patient be confined to home but will allow for people that use a mobility device such as a wheelchair. To define “confined to home” it means that your loved one cannot leave their home to visit their doctor or receive another type of medical care.

The home health care provider has to have approval by Medicare and the services that they provide have to be doctor prescribed using a care plan. Another thing about Medicare is that they will cover visits to your loved one if they are infrequent, but if care is required every day then Medicare provides cover if they are convinced that there will be an end to the care. 

If your loved one is suffering from a long term or chronic problem then Medicare doesn’t cover continuous and indefinite care. So if your loved one requires home health care then you need to check the Medicare coverage and what is not. If you are not covered then you will have to pay for the care services.

What are Home Care services (non medical)?

Home care services (sometimes referred to as non medical home care) provides assistance to elders with their daily activities in the comfort of their own home. There is no Medicare cover for home care services and it differs from health care services in that both professional support is involved as well as informal support from family and friends.

There are many different services that a home care provider can offer. They will help with bathing and grooming, preparing nutritious meals, help with visiting the bathroom, some housekeeping duties like laundry and ironing and cleaning, assisting with medication management and arranging transportation.

A lot of the time doctors and hospitals recommend home care providers but there is nothing to stop you organizing your own provider. If you want to choose your own provider then be sure to ask potential candidates those important questions, to ensure that you are getting the best care for your loved one.

You will find that some agencies offer both health care and home care services. You may also be able to find professionals that can offer both types of care.

We are very experienced in providing the highest quality home care services (non medical) to seniors in their homes. We will be delighted to discuss your requirements with you so please get in touch.

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