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Serving Naperville and surrounding areas.
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Choosing The Right Home Care Service

How To Choose The Right Home Care Service

When you have decided that home care services are the best solution for your elderly loved one you want to make sure that you choose the right provider for this. It is certainly true that not all home care service providers are created equally so you will need to ask a number of questions to be sure that you are choosing the best provider.

You want to end up with a home care service provider that you trust and your loved one trusts. Contact the different providers in your area and tell them that you have a number of questions to ask them. If you sense any resistance at this point remove this agency from your list.

All home care providers should be willing to answer any questions that you have. They should be willing to meet with you and give you the confidence that they are the right choice. This includes the company owners who should provide you with the chance to fully evaluate your company as well as the staff members who will be providing care to your loved one.

Be prepared to carry out background checks on home care companies. You need to think about all of the questions that you want to ask in advance, and write these down so that you ask all potential providers the same questions. Here is a guide to the sort of questions that you should be asking potential home care service providers.

Assessing their Personality

Ask the home care service provider how they take care of their existing clients and any previous clients as well. All elderly people will have slightly different needs but there will be a lot of common areas that you can discuss. If things went wrong what did they do to handle these situations?

When you are talking with company representatives and the care givers themselves how to they appear to you? Do they seem compassionate towards your loved one’s situation? If they don’t seem that they care at this stage then it is unlikely that they will provide the loving and caring service that you are looking for.

It is likely that the home care service provider will want to agree a care plan with you. Ask them about the level of involvement that you and your elderly loved one will have in the creation of this plan. You will want to make sure that the plan meets all of your loved one’s requirements and if you and they are not involved then it is less likely to do this.

What Experience does the Home Care provider have?

Make it your business to find out how long the company and the caregivers have been providing professional home care services. Ask them for references so that you can check out with other customers of the service how everything went.

What Services are on offer?

This may seem obvious but you need to be satisfied that the home care services provider can provide the range of services that your loved one needs. Ask them for documentation which explains their range of services. Also ask if they have after hours services and services to deal with emergencies.

Costs and Legal

The prices charged by different home care service providers will vary a lot. Make sure that you discuss all of the costs and that you obtain a written quotation detailing the services and the total costs.

How are payments usually made to the home care provider? Are there different payment options? It is important that there is patient confidentially maintained so ask the provider how they go about doing this.  

We are a professional home care service provider and have been providing essential care services for the elderly for a number of years. We would be delighted to discuss our services with you and answer all of the questions that you may have. Contact us today so that one of our elder care experts can connect with you.

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