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Assisted Living Vs Home Care

Why Home Care Is Often A Better Choice Than Assisted Living

People are living a lot longer these days and there will be a sharp rise in the elderly population over the next two decades. When people become older they will often be less independent and require assistance from care givers. If your loved one is in this situation then you need to decide what to do to help them.

Not everyone can spend all of the time that is required to take care of an elderly person. You may work and have a family of your own to take care of. If it is one of your parents then you can feel extremely guilty about this especially when your parent tells you that they took care of you when you were young and now it is your turn.

Often people will choose between two different services to provide the right care for their loved ones – assisted living or home care services. If your loved one is unable to take care of themselves and do things such as keeping themselves bathed and groomed, cleaning the home, preparing meals and so on then you need to choose the best option for them.

Care through Assisted Living

Assisted living means moving your loved one to a facility that will provide care to them. They will perform the daily tasks that your loved one cannot do such as the preparing of meals and taking care of themselves.

An assisted living facility is not the same as a nursing home. It is unlikely to have the medical facilities that nursing home patients require. What it does do is to offer assistance to elders that are still reasonably independent.

When your loved one moves to an assisted living center they will either have their own room or will need to share with another person. They will be expected to be part of the general community that exists and get on well with the other residents.

There will be plenty of opportunity for socializing and entertainment in most assisted living facilities. There will be programs and activities every day that your loved one can participate in. Also the facility will help with any transportation requirements as well as perform laundry and housekeeping tasks.

Residents of assisted living facilities will be encouraged to stay active and be safe. The main problem with assisted living is the cost. It is usually very expensive to keep a senior in assisted living. Also your loved one will experience less privacy and their independence will not be as high as it was at home.

Home Care Services

A lot of elders will not want to leave their homes to move into an assisted living center. This is understandable as they will have had many happy memories there and will still have a circle of friends in the neighborhood. There are also no rules to abide by when they are living at home which is different to assisted living.

With home care services your loved one will receive personal care from a professional care giver while still remaining at home. With assisted living elders receive care from any one of a number of care staff. With home care it is usually the same person providing the care so it is possible to make a great connection with the care giver.

There is normally a tailored care plan agreed with home care. This means that the care giver will help your loved one with all manner of tasks depending upon their situation. This can range from bathing and dressing to preparing meals and house cleaning. The price for the home care service is totally dependent upon the amount of care that is required.

Usually home care services are a lot cheaper than assisted living. There is also no need to wrench your love one out of the home that they have lived in for years to go and live with a group of strangers. Almost every type of assistance is available with home care so it is something that you should strongly consider when looking at the options available.

We offer the very best in home care services for the elderly. No matter what the needs of your loved one we can help. Go here to see our range of services and contact us today so that we can provide the assistance and care that your loved one needs.

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