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Serving Naperville and surrounding areas.
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What Are The Senior Living Options In Naperville Il?

Are your parents (or parent) at an age where you need to discuss their future living arrangements with them? As people get older a lot of them need care to live a relatively normal and active life. So what senior living options Naperville Il are there available?

Well there are a number of options, and the chosen one will be heavily dependent on the amount of care that your elder requires. This is not a decision that you can make alone. You will need to discuss this with your loved one and find out what their living preferences are.

When you are discussing their future it is essential that you know what the main senior living options Naperville Il are. So please read this article so that you are fully informed and can discuss everything with your loved one.

Continue to Live at Home after Retirement

A lot of seniors prefer this option to all of the others. Surveys have shown that almost 90% of seniors stated a preference for living their retirement years at home. Even if your loved one requires care to live at home it is possible for them to do this.

Some children of elders will see this choice as a stubborn one from their parents. There may also be an implication that you will do all of the caring but that does not have to be the case. Seniors understand that their children have jobs and families to take care of – after all they did the same thing in their younger years.

Home care services provide the necessary care to elders that want to live at home. There are many benefits to this as the care givers will help the seniors with their day to day living tasks and provide companionship at the same time.

People like their home environments no matter what age they are. So if your loved one has a preference for this then you need to take it very seriously. They want to stay within the community that they know and this can be very important for health reasons.

Go for Assisted Living

With assisted living your loved one will move into a facility that has apartments they can live in. There are other advantages too such as a full complement of trained staff that will provide care.

Often assisted living facilities will have communal rooms and activities where residents can mingle and form new friendships. Entertainment includes activities such as dances, games and bingo.

Assisted living can be very expensive as you are paying for a total boarding situation. The number of staff that are available and the total number of residents that need care determine the amount of care provided. Independent living is possible but it is not the same as living at home as your loved one will be away from their community and family.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Here there are different levels of care provided in the same location. Seniors can choose to live at home, live in an assisted living facility or even a nursing home. There are normally advanced care programs on offer and to take advantage of these it is often required to pay an initial fee and then commit to a long term contract.

Respite Care Facilities

If your loved one has a short term need for care, most assisted living facilities and nursing homes have short term stay options. If you are seriously considering assisted living or a nursing home for the long term then it is a good idea to take up a short term residency to see if your loved one is comfortable and gets on well with the care givers and management.

Professional Care in a Nursing Home

The difference between assisted living and a nursing home is that the nursing home has skilled and certified professionals that can provide around the clock care. Like assisted living, this can be a pretty expensive option so it needs very careful consideration.

We can help you with all of your senior living Naperville Il needs. We have been providing senior living care for a long time and would be delighted to discuss the best options for your seniors with you. Please contact us here.