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Serving Naperville and surrounding areas.
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Senior Care Naperville Il

The Options For Senior Care Naperville Il

Your parents are not getting any younger and it is time to make a decision about their future care. There are a few options for senior care Naperville Il open to you so which one is right for your circumstances?

You and your loved one’s need to be aware of the options and you need to discuss them all fully before going ahead. When you are talking this through, be careful to note any reservations or resistance to one option or another. The current health and mobility of your loved one will also be significant.

Here are the two most popular senior care Naperville Il options:

Assisted Living or Care Homes

This is a big commitment and it is expensive so you need to be sure that this is what everyone wants before going ahead. An assisted living facility will provide an apartment to your parent (or parents) and they will retain a lot of their independence. Usually these facilities are very attractive, clean and safe for your loved ones.

Assisted living facilities will often provide daily meals and some will cater for seniors that have special dietary requirements. There will be other residents in the facility and this should provide a foundation for the formation of new friendships.

A lot of assisted facilities will have regular activities and social events so that residents do not sit around bored watching TV all day. Some of these activities will feature gentle exercise routines such as dancing.

Communal spaces are provided for residents to get together and talk or participate in different activities. This is entirely optional but your loved one should be encouraged to participate often so that they can form new companionships.

The major disadvantages of assisted living are that it is usually expensive, and it takes the senior out of their home environment which they have probably been comfortable in for a number of years.

Home Care Services

Another popular senior care Naperville Il option is to use home care services. There have been a number of surveys conducted in the United States and they have revealed that up to 90% of seniors want to stay in their own homes and receive care.

Seniors will have built up a social circle for many years in the area that they live. The thought of moving miles away to an assisted living facility fills them with dread. They want to maintain their “living at home” lifestyle but just need some assistance now to do this.

One of the main reasons that children persuade their parents to move into assisted living facilities is that they cannot provide the level of care that their love one needs. They have children of their own that need looking after and they have professional commitments to earn their living.

Home care services do offer a good alternative to the child providing all of the care. They have care givers that are highly trained and most of them have a great deal of experience when it comes to looking after seniors.

A care giver will provide all of their attention to your loved one when they visit. The same is not true when it comes to assisted living as there is a finite number of staff available. Seniors like this individual care and attention and this can really work well.

Often a good relationship forms with the care giver and they will become a welcome companion. Your loved one will still have all of their family and friend connections and now they will have an additional friend as well.

Home care givers will help with daily tasks and ensure that your loved one takes their medications at the proper time. They are not trained nurses but will be able to help in most situations.

Although home care is almost always cheaper than assisted living it can still be expensive with care givers costing up to $20 per hour in some locations. If your loved one gets to know the care giver really well and then suddenly they quit their job this can be very traumatic.

In order to choose the right senior care Naperville Il option you need to fully discuss everything with your loved one and ensure that the finances are available to support the favored option.

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