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Serving Naperville and surrounding areas.
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Elderly Home Care

What Are The Benefits Of Elderly Home Care In Naperville Il?

When someone you love reaches the stage where they need a lot of care you have to make an important decision. Some elders do not want to go into a care home and be away from their families and friends. They prefer to stay at home and receive care from professionals.

The benefits of elderly home care are numerous. It is often very difficult for direct family members to provide the care that is required due to work and family commitments. They may not have the skills to do this either. The best way forward in this situation is to hire the services of elderly care givers who visit your elderly relative’s home.

Here are the most important advantages of using elderly home care:

It is Less Expensive than an Assisted Facility

Even if your loved one is happy to move into a care home the cost of doing this may be a major obstacle. In most cases your loved one receiving the care and attention that they need in their own home is a lot less expensive.

Many elders prefer to stay in their homes and receive the top quality care that a professional caregiver can provide. The hourly rates charged are usually a lot less than being a resident at a care home. There is usually flexibility with elderly home care companies where they will not tie you down to a yearly or monthly contract.

It is a lot more Comfortable for your Loved one

If your loved one has to move into a care home then there will be a lot of upheaval involved which can be very stressful. Then there is the issue of them blending in with the other residents and getting along with everybody. This is not always easy.

When your loved one stays at home they have all of the things that they cherish around them. Their family and friends are close by and this can actually help them to recover from any difficulties faster.

It has been proven that elders who have been in hospital recover faster if they are provided with care at home rather than moving in to a residential facility. They are more relaxed and comfortable in their own home which has a major impact on recovery.

Personalized Care and Attention

In an expensive care home there are only so many staff to go around. This means that your loved one cannot be the center of attention all of the time. For some people this is OK but for others it can be a real issue.

With elderly home care your loved one will be the center of attention always when the care giver is there. The care giver will do everything possible to develop a very close relationship with your loved one.

Your Loved One will maintain their Independence

No matter how much the sales people at the care home tell you that your loved one will remain independent in their facility this is not entirely true. Elders often worry more about losing their independence in a care home more than anything else so why put them through this stress?

A recent study showed that almost 90% of seniors want to remain in their homes throughout their old age. People are proud of their homes and feel the most relaxed in them and this does not change as we get older.

Your loved one is very likely to want to continue with their social activities with nearby friends and family. This cannot happen if they are miles away in a care home. If they are at home receiving care then they are not restricted.

Family is close at hand in Naperville Il

Old people value the bond that they have with their family very highly. Often elders need a lot of emotional support and their family is in the best position to give this to them. There are no restrictions on family visiting hours when a loved one stays at home and receives care.

The care givers will want to involve family members in the care process. It is important that there is a good information flow and to maintain communications. This is a lot easier to do at home than in a care facility.

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