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Serving Naperville and surrounding areas.
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The Options for Senior Care Naperville, Il

Having elderly parents means having great responsibility in making decisions about their future care. Here in Naperville, IL, there are many options being offered, and we want to help you find the right one for your situation.

Before making decisions about providing care services for your loved ones, it is best to be aware of the options you and what your loved one’s needs. You have to be careful, and this decision-making has to be fully discussed before setting any reservation. You may encounter resistance to one option or another because important factors must be considered, such as current health conditions and the mobility of your loved one.

In this article, we aim to discuss the two primary senior care options available in Naperville, IL.

Care Homes

Moving a loved one to a care home would be costly and a big commitment, so you need to make sure that this best fits your loved one’s needs. In an assisted home care facility, an apartment will be provided to your loved one, so they still need be independent. Apartment places within an assisted living facility are attractive, clean and safe for your loved ones.

Meals in assisted living facilities will be often provided, and seniors with special dietary requirements are fed meals that meet their needs. Your loved one can create good companionship with other residents in the facility. There are also social gatherings and regular activities for residents to make their day more fun than just spending it watching TV. These gatherings often include light physical activities, like dancing, that most seniors are interested in.

In an assisted home care facility, seniors can share their thoughts to other participants in communal spaces. This is optional to them, but they are encouraged to participate and gain new companionship to make their environment more enjoyable.

Ideally, when it comes to meeting the needs of our loved ones, assisted living in a home care facility would be the best option. The major disadvantages of this option are that seniors will be away from their own homes and that it is very expensive.

Home Care Services

Here in Naperville, IL, home care services are being offered to the elderly in addition to assisted living care homes. Based on surveys throughout the United States, 90% of seniors want to spend their remaining years in their own homes and communities and near their loved ones. According to them, they get the care and attention they need at home.

Seniors have built up social circle where they have already lived for a time. The idea of living in a facility away from their home makes them feel alone and may cause depression and anxiety. They are afraid about the idea of facing the challenges of creating a new lifestyle and dealing new people. They prefer to live at their own home and maintain the lifestyle or daily routine that they have enjoyed for so long, while receiving only the assistance they need.

Home care services are good alternatives for our loved ones in providing all the essential assistance they need. They have expert caregivers who are highly trained and experienced when it comes to looking after seniors.

Personal care and attention will be provided by the caregivers to your elderly loved ones on their visits. Availability of caregivers would not be an issue, unlike within the assisted living care homes since caregivers are provided to individual seniors.  This assures your loved one will receive quality individualized care and attention.

Most of the time, having a caregiver at home creates a new, strong relationship for your loved one because of the time spent, care, and attention caregivers provide. This companionship will also let your loved one feel closer to their friends and family.

Moreover, they can maintain their daily household chores with some assistance of the caregivers. Medication management is also provided by the caregivers, ensuring that their medications are properly taken based on their medication schedule.

Home care can still be expensive, but it is always more affordable compared to paying for assisted living in a care home facility. Whatever option you may choose, it is still best to discuss this decision with your loved one and consider your financial needs to determine the best option for everyone.

We can help you with all aspects of senior care, so please get in touch at 331.281.0728.