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Advantages Of In Home Care

Moving your loved ones into an assisted living facility is a big decision to make. You are taking him or her away from home, and it would be very difficult for both of you especially, if she or he needs 24 hour care.

Usually, people think moving their seniors into an assisted living facility when the time comes that they need additional assistance is the only option. They think that their elderly loved one can still maintain independence before entering a nursing home. As of now, whatever you think would be the best option for your loved ones, it is better to check your options and be aware of the advantages and disadvantages before making this big decision.

The Advantages of Staying in an Assisted Living Facility

Basic types of assistance for your loved one's their daily routines are provided in assisted living facilities. Staff assist them in taking care of themselves through activities such as bathing, grooming, getting dressed in the morning, and preparing their meals.

Residents in these facilities have different needs. As times goes by, their needs change and the facility adapts with all these changes. Due to their age, seniors might not have the capabilities to maintain their homes, and to take away this responsibility or burden from them, they go to an assisted care home facility.

The apartments inside an assisted living facility are designed, not just to give comfort to their residents, but to make them feel at home as well. They maintain their privacy and, at the same time, build good companionship with other residents. They have scheduled social activities to keep their facility enjoyable to live in and provides more fun for the residents.

Compared to nursing homes, assisted living facilities are less expensive. This is because residents here don’t have many physical challenges, unlike patients that with dementia. Residents here are usually capable of being independent when it comes to maintaining their daily routine.

Living in an assisted living facility guarantees that your loved one will receive the right care and attention they need. They have medical facilities inside, and the active community of seniors ensures many long-term friendships among residents. Living there is not just sitting while watching TV all day. It would be entertaining for your loved one because these facilities offer many social and physical activities, like exercise, games nights, hobbies, etc.

The Disadvantages of Assisted Living

Living into an assisted living facility promises a lot of good things, but there are some advantages about it. One the biggest challenges is that your loved one will be living away from home. They are used to being around the things and people they love, and the changes that they will face when moving into an assisted living facility can be very challenging for them. They have to adapt with the new environment and to new people. They also need to follow certain policies that they are not used to.

There are some facilities that offers shared rooms. If your loved lived on their own and enjoyed the privacy of their own home, it may be very difficult for them to adjust. Aside from that, they need to follow certain rules set for shared apartments, like restrictions on pets brought into the facility. This may cause them depression and anxiety.

Assisted living facilities have their own medical facilities, but they are not as extensive as what nursing homes have. Residents that need specialized medical attention may not be able to receive the assistance they need.

Finally, the cost of living in an assisted living facility is very expensive. It may cost you not less than $4200 per year, which not for everyone’s budget. This amount is on top of other expenses like medical and other personal care.

A Good Alternative to Assisted Living

You don’t have to deal with big financial expenses to receive assisted living. A great alternative is to get assistance from home care services that can provide you the best caregivers, right in your loved one’s home. They are well-trained, experienced, and can provide top-quality service, without costing you a lot. Find out more about our first-class home care services by calling 331-281-0728.